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If anyone is interested into joining the 12 Minute Payday service, please have a look at our warning because this in fact will leave you broke for the rest of your life if you let it. Justin, aka the owner and spokesperson of 12minutepayday.com says that if you invest your hard-earned money with this system, you will make life changing amounts and will be taking all the vacations you want. Well… binaryoptionspatrol.com is here to expose that and in our 12 Minute Payday scam review, Patrol will be going over many facts that will change your opinion on this system’s legitimacy, it’s not what you thought it was!

So, first obvious conclusion we got when we first landed on the 12 Minute Payday welcome page is that their overall production value seems to be built off 100 dollars. We’re not joking, everything from their website design and video itself is very cheaply made with shutter-stock images and free video clips you can find online,  the most funny detail that we find is that the so called developer of this “million dollar” system doesn’t even bother to show his face or tell us his full name. Why is he hiding his identity from such a successful software that changes people’s lives for the greater good, is it because he is shy in front of a camera or he simply doesn’t want to encounter his victims in real life, since obviously who wouldn’t want to have a few words with the person who stole your money.

A few solid reasons why you should avoid the 12 Minute Payday Scam

Scam Scam Scam
12 Minute Payday Review

So as the investigation went on, we were hoping more details on why their different and their “superior” methods that make them a better choice from the already establish trading systems. This was just launched so claiming such mouth-watering results must be back up by solid proof and evidence, because right now there isn’t 1 single trading software that can generate over 100,000 dollars in such a short period of time. It seems that the 12 Minute Payday scam is saying all these ridiculous results just for the sake of making you join them a lot faster without thinking the consequences of doing so, what really bothered us that Justin just kept on sugar-coating you with lies and impossible results instead of providing real in-depth looked about their company and overall process of creating such amazing signals. Us, the viewer, do not know anything about the owner’s previous achievements or the technology company that helped construct this trading software, if you believe that he made it alone then you completely wrong because making a trading system that even comes close to 74% ITM takes years of developing and time so it cannot be done with just 1 individual.

There’s pretty much no clue on the tech company so knowing the kind of performance we are going to get from 12 Minute Payday is impossible, how on earth are you supposed to believe them when they provide no legitimate information that they are actually not just your typical binary options scam. This is exactly what most money-making schemes appears as, zero valid evidence that they’re going to live up to their promises and 0 clues on who actually made this system. For all we know, this could be the work of one the biggest scam artist in the industry! This is seriously lacking a lot of authenticity and quite frankly, we’ve seen much better online frauds do a better job at appearing “professional” but this is just a joke and a piece of garbage. “Hey Patrol, what about the people in their sales video that looked like they were making some serious bucks and enjoying  the 12 Minute Payday software?” Well, may we break your dream bubble but there are many online marketplaces that you can hire actors for as cheap as 10 bucks and make them say whatever you want them to say on camera, an excellent example would be Fiverr.com, this is the most famous website for scammers to get their cheap and professional looking paid testimonials, meaning that trusting such reviews and endorsements from the “members” would be quite illogical since they are fake!

Actual Performance and trading results of the 12 Minute Payday Scam

Now, the real question remains… will this actually work and deliver at least decent results? No! We’ve search deep down the internet and found negative experiences on Forums and Blog comments that say that they’ve lost all their investment in a period of 4 days only! Meaning that this will not generate thousands of dollars like they say it would! The average performance you can expect from this is around 60 to 63% ITM success rate which is not enough to see substantial growth and will rather empty you broker account sooner or later, that is why 12 Minute Payday is a joke and should be exterminated from this industry, if there is one thing that we are completely sure off is that this will steal every single cent you invest in!

Final Verdict on the 12 Minute Payday Review!

12minutepayday.com scam review
12minutepayday.com scam review

That’s pretty much all of our opinions in this software review, there’s not a single good feature worth mentioning that would make it an acceptable trading choice for our subscribers. The so called “Justin” is just a fictional character that was made for the sales script, please do not invest in it because you will regret it since the promises they are making are all false and just said to manipulate you, that is why Patrol says to avoid it because 12 Minute Payday is a SCAM!

Maybe you are searching for something that does not lie straight to your face and actually works as advertise, your better alternative would be something like CopyBuffett! This is something that has been in the work for many years and the people behind it, are actually well-known and approved by the binary options industry, beginner traders love it since their trading platform is simple and straightforward and they actually have 24/7 customer support so please check them out for more information, thank you for reading our scam review!

Copy Buffett App Review

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