15K In 15 Minutes Scam Review!! It’s Dangerous !!

Today we are reviewing the 15K In 15 Minutes SCAM. In the binary options industry, constant new auto traders are been released so it’s really difficult for traders to choose the ones that are profitable. 15K In 15 Minutes software is a fully automated trading system that you download on your device to make in the money trades. This is the new hype in trading so we are going to review this trading software and give you our honest opinion. Frankly, we don’t think this is a profitable trading system due to all the deceptive tactics we found on their pitch page.

On 15kin15minutes.com website, the typical one spot left widget is visible to those who visit their welcome page. This is a very common sales strategy we see on many binary options scams, if you simply refresh the page, the same spot will still be available. Now, there are some other concerning issues to this auto-trader, we’ve noticed that many traders get malware by using this software, this is completely unacceptable, such malware can leak private information from your computer and the internet is full of crooks who are willing to do anything for money!!

Is 15K In 15 Minutes a SCAM??

15K In 15 Minutes is promising fake lies!!

After watching the whole presentation video, we expected to hear or see a demonstration of how this trading software actually works, no such information was given which is quite a big error of them because it’s our hard earned money that we’re going to invest. Such lack of information can lead to falsely using the software or potential losses so it’s crucial for any signals service to explain how their trading system or algorithm work. This 15K In 15 Minutes scam didn’t provide any information about it’s developers neither, why would such individual hide from such a “cash machine” software?

It’s probably some scam artist that decided to stay anonymous for the sake of his protection, a person that claims to provide 15,000 in 15 minutes must have a real good explanation on how it does it because statements like that can make you look like a complete liar. The 15K In 15 Minutes software doesn’t look original also, it has the same fraudulent vibe from previous binary options scams, big promises without any real proof, clean voice overs and deceptive widgets like they used on their website. The whole design of it is poorly made and looks like it was constructed in less than 15 minutes. Profitable auto-traders are simple but they are at least honest when it comes to their performance. Remember, quality over quantity!!

15K In 15 Minutes Website uses Fake Results and Testimonials.

15K In 15 Minutes uses fake pictures from searche engines, it's manipulative!!

Another disturbing fact we exposed on the 15kin15minutes.com website was that it uses fake results to appear more legitimate. The profile pictures that you see on their page saying that they generated 1 millions dollars is completely fake. Very common characteristics these binary options scam use now a days, they simply tracked the search engines for a couple of appealing photos and used it as if they were really them providing such results. In short words, they made fake results and testimonials to deceive traders into thinking that 15K In 15 Minutes software would provide such earnings.

It’s completely manipulative to use such practices and we highly doubt that they did it for the purpose of gaining trust. Legitimate auto-traders and signals services don’t need to do such actions since they know that positive reviews will come organically, we believe that the person behind this SCAM has no intentions on helping you make any kind of profits. This auto-trader was constructed for their benefits which means that no green account balances for us!!

15K In 15 Minutes software is a SCAM!!

15K In 15 Minutes is a SCAM!! This review is a SCAM REVIEW!!

Our final verdict will still remain, 15K In 15 Minutes is a SCAM that should be avoid at all cost. There’s nothing special about this trading software and we heavily encourage you to try out signals services that are proven to work, tested and recommended by many traders like Trade Forecast. You can always visit our signals page for more information but remember, it’s better to stay safe rather than joining scams like this worthless auto trader. See you next time and Good Luck!!

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