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Now, if you were looking for ways to make money online and you stumbled upon the Algo Cash Master, please be very cautious because the promises they’ve made are not entirely true! Michael Wright, the owner and representative of the system, is just another manipulative crook that uses very smart marketing tactics to deceive you into believing that whatever “holy grail” system he has is actually legit. Patrol highly recommends everyone read our Algo Cash Master review to prevent doing any mistakes that can greatly harm your financial situation, this can end your trading career if you let so please read carefully!

The most obvious warning we saw was the website itself, do you not see that it looks extremely bland and poor quality even though this is making millions of dollars a day. You would expect from such a sophisticated and profitable trading software to have a more professional landing page with about us, contact info and much more details but you simply do not get that with this system. This is very strange since it’s very clear in their sales video that they can afford a decent site but no,  Michael Wright prefers to feed you sugar-coated lies instead of sharing real insight about how the Algo Cash Master system works, common characteristic among binary options scams but we are of course not going to judge this only by its appearance but small details like this helps us determine if the service is legit or not.

Biggest mistake of the Algo Cash Master Software

Algo Cash Master Scam Scam Scam
Scam Review

Let’s discuss the main problem of this misleading trading service, the theory/method itself. They are trying to capitalize on this hack or glitch that they’ve found and yet they also say that they invested great amounts of money trying to make it the best trading software out there. The confusing part of that is that there is no hack or glitch to trading, it just involves really hard training and dedication, no secret! Just pure technical and fundamental analysis, so when we hear Michael Wright from talking about some glitch or loophole in the market, it just clearly indicates us that this individual does not know what he is talking about, you can ask any professional trader out there that there is no such thing, this is just used for sales purposes and these gurus wants to appear as if they have something special that no one has when in reality, they don’t have anything! Algo Cash Master clearly avoids anything that sounds logical or proven which is something very worrying when registering to such service.

Second part that disappointed us and made it clear that this was nothing more than an average low performing system was their trading results. Throughout the sales video, there are various times where Michael Wright says that this auto trader made 245 days of profitable trades in A ROW, meaning that the Algo Cash Master software made no losses whatsoever during those days, something that is completely impossible and darn right hilarious! Here is why, the market simply doesn’t function like that and even the best traders around the world like Warren Buffet and the big guys say that losing trades are imminent, so when we hear such outrageous statements like that, it just assures us that they simply want to say it for the purpose of bringing in rookie traders who don’t know how real trading works, Michael Wright is only here to tell your fairy tales so you could drool over his bogus software and lose all your money, this guy is not here to help you but rather ruin your financial life even worse. Now, we did do a background search on this person and found no results of him ever been a trader, how can someone possibly be a millionaire and go unnoticed, the guy drives a million dollar car Ferrari around the streets, surely a person like him should go noticed somewhere but no, zero connections were ever discovered. A good indication that he is fictional character that was simply played for the sake of the Algo Cash Master Scam.

Details about the Algo Cash Master software

When researching more about the auto trader itself, we found that this was a previously launched trading scam that we’ve reviewed. The Zulander Hack is already a confirmed scam that was blacklisted throughout the entire industry for its misleading marketing and low performance. We can assure you that this is going to perform exactly like 3 months ago when this was launched, this money making scheme was simply renamed and changed to a different site so yes, this is not going to work and will leave your wallets empty!

Final Conclusion on our Algo Cash Master Review scam scam scam
scam Review

It’s pretty clear what are our thoughts on this, please stay away from the app and whatever Michael Wright decides to promote in the future, it’s proven that he is a scam artist that has many tricks up his sleeve. No wonder so many upset members complained about customer support and performance,  our final verdict is that Algo Cash Master is a SCAM!

If you are looking for a real solution to trading successfully, you might want to try alternatives that don’t lie to your face and give you unrealistic results, a better choice would be CopyBuffett. They have excellent customer service and are always sending out updates to ensure their algorithms stay up to date, the owners have worked on it for many years and are finally launching it to the public, please don’t miss out on it because we don’t know if their doors are going to close, feel free to check that out and thank you for reading our Scam Review!

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