Altronix App Trading Software Review! SCAM ALERT!!

Altronix App Trading Software Review

A dangerous trading system has been released, the Altronix App Trading Software is a binary options scam that you should avoid at all cost if you wish to keep your money safe!! Frank Saunders, The scam artist behind says that his revolutionary software is one of a kind and is the best performing system up to date, recent feedback contradict everything this person has said which lead us to believe that this is a money-making scheme. In this Altronix App Trading Software Review, we will be exposing this fraud with countless of deceptive tactics that Frank Saunders used on his website. So please read this scam review to prevent any losses!

First of all, in the scam site, you will notice that their sales video is automatically played with no way of stopping it. This is not by mistake or coincidence, Frank Saunders is practically forcing traders to watch his video immediately and all the way through to raise more chances of you joining the Altronix App Scam. Another dangerous factor we found on their website is that it looks very unprofessional and you would expect from such a million dollar auto trader to have a more welcoming and decent website. But it looks like the Altronix App Trading Software Scam was built by a rookie and cheap webmaster instead. Such characteristics can be found in common binary options scams since they’re main goal is to steal your money rather than providing you with any value or profits!

Why you can’t trust Frank Saunders and

Altronix App Trading Software Scam
Altronix App Scam Review

The main reason and factor why you shouldn’t trade with the Altronix App Trading Software is because the amount of information that Frank Saunders is either a lie or manipulated into something else. For example, he did explain how it works and in short words, he said that his auto trader uses Fundamental Analysis to predict future price movements. Nothing wrong with that but there’s so much more than just interpreting a news and buying a few puts or calls. It takes multiple market reactions and chart formations to actually confirm that such news will be positive or negative. We would like to believe that such trading results can be generated by the website but no authority or community have ever endorsed or wrote a positive review on this scam!

You can’t take for granted what Frank Saunders guarantees since you don’t know him, he could be an actor which he probably is by the way…. but in this industry, traders simply cannot trust anyone who promises good results because we’ve witness from experience that people are willing to sell fake testimonials as low as 5 dollars from Fiverr. Trust us, Binary Options Patrol has blacklisted nearly 256 auto traders in just 1 year and this is not much any different from any of those scam softwares. This Altronix App Trading Software Review could have been positive but Frank Saunders simply doesn’t have any credentials to back up his theories. Frank Saunders is not found in any social media platforms, he’s an individual we’ve never heard off before and “IF” he’s such a well-known and software designer, somebody must know of his work but no, no acknowledgement from any of our trusted partners was ever known! Trading Results and Performance

This is a fairly new trading system but recent results from traders and visitors has stated that the App Trading Software Performance is ranging from 60 to 63 percent which will not yield any significant results but rather burn your trading account sooner or later. This is a very different outcome from what the Website promised, Frank Saunders looks like is lying to traders about their true performance since he claimed and double guaranteed that the Altronix App Scam is capable of making millions of dollars while traders who are actually using his auto trader are reporting empty balances in just 3 days!

Key points of the Scam

  • A scam review can be found in almost any authority websites in the search engines
  • Performance and results are incredibly poor
  • No legitimate explanation on how it really functions, only explained a brief summary of what Fundamental Analysis is, nothing more!
  • doesn’t provide customer support or an email address in case you need to contact them for any technical or personal issues.
  • This scam review is mostly negative due trader’s bad experience when using the System.
  • To remind you again, we’ve blacklist hundreds of similar frauds like this binary options scam, nothing valuable or unique has been offered here, don’t think that Frank Saunders is here to help you and make your dreams come true because it will not happen with this auto trader!

Conclusion on the Scam Review

Altronix App Trading Software Review
Altronix App Scam Review

The final verdict on this Review is that is a SCAM!! Please avoid this auto trader at all cost if you wish to remain successful in binary options. This review could have been positive if it weren’t for such bad performance and results. Don’t think that the Altronix App is the only software that makes quality signals, there are plenty of credible and transparent signals services out there. The only reason why you have not heard of such services is because traders only tend to make a review on get rich systems since those leave the most money to those who promote such garbage.

If you are interested in legitimate systems that actually do work, you can check our Copy Buffett Software Review. A fully working algorithm and trusted system that generates 82 percent ITM Signals, this is not a ticket to become a millionaire but rather a good tool that will help you increase your income much more easier. Just trade safely and avoid any scams like this fraud, thank you for reading our Review and Good Luck!

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