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Auto Trader Alpha
Scam Review

Today we have encounter another bogus software you must avoid, the Auto Trader Alpha Scam is a low performing auto trader that is been marketed as a fully automated system that makes thousands of dollars everyday. Please don’t believe a single word that Tim Gold says, he is only here to leave your wallets empty!! New updated reports have confirmed our theory that the website is indeed scamming traders to their last cent. That is why in our Auto Trader Alpha Review, Patrol is going to highlight all the stupid tactics that Tim Gold implemented in this software to fool traders, binary options can’t be successfully traded with this system so please our entire software review.

The most important and critical factor about is that they really don’t have any credentials built up. Nor the service or owner have any track records in the trading industry, therefore it’s very difficult to judge how truthful their promises are. Typical legitimate trading services usually have many years of establishment and trust which helps the system gain popularity and authority. Tim Gold and his Auto Trader Alpha Software are not recognize anywhere in the trading industry, no trusted figure or blog can verify of such trading results that makes. Furthermore, the only person that truly says this works is the developer itself and in this industry we cannot trust our money to any average fool since so many of them are willing to say and do anything to steal your cash.

More Details on the Auto Trader Alpha Review Review Scam Tim Gold

So besides this individual been an unknown spokesman, he is also an actor. That’s right, the same dude that promised that this trading software made thousands of dollars was payed to say those lies. Which obviously means that EVERYTHING he said about the Auto Trader Alpha is Dogsh*t, his sad and motivational story about him quitting his high paying job to help other was all fairy tales. Do you really think this sort of behavior is cohesive with a functional trading system? Of course not, this is incredibly manipulative and deceitful of them, we sure would not trust our hard-earned dollars to some trading system that consistently lies about everything they promise. has not shown a single signs of truthfulness in their branding, don’t you find it a bit odd that a ‘multi million dollar’ system would have such bad qualities.

But that’s not all the surprises that the scam gives, their trading results are also fake! Tim Gold is apparently stealing images from the internet to use as testimonials in his pitch page. The steps that he takes are pretty simple, he searches for a profile pictures online, picks a happy looking one, puts in his feedback review and claim that those individuals actually traded with such scam system. Isn’t that enough to prove to you that this is indeed a dreadful fraud willing to go to any measures so you invest your dollars with this Auto Trader Alpha Scam? Like seriously, this stinks of failure and we’re not even done yet! Maria Hohnen has never made a single dime with this trading software, nor the beta testers in their “closed” group.

More disappointing news on the Site

Did you know that the method behind this system is also completely bogus? We actually did further investigation on this software to give it a chance on it’s credibility but what we discovered were more unwanted characteristics. More than 7 different forums stated that this Auto Trader Alpha Scam is actually wiping their capital instead of growing it. Maybe they didn’t know what they were doing but since the negative results overwhelm the positive reviews by 97 percent! Well, then there is seriously something wrong with the auto trader itself. is certain that this is no accident, low performing algorithm equals victims losing money, traders losing profits mean they win money! See how it works? it’s all a gigantic scheme to make you poor forever!

Interesting facts about this scam review:

  1. only answers to traders who are looking to joining them, if you ever have problems with this software, replies or guidance will not be provided.
  2. does not work, it’s a scam, simple as that!

Conclusion on the Scam Review

Auto Trader Alpha Scam
Software Scam Review

We’ve covered many features that this system has shown to the public, if you have a rational state of mind you would agree that there is something very wrong and disturbing about Tim Gold, the very face and branding presenter is a fiverr actor that sells gigs for five bucks, the same person who makes more than 500,000 dollars a month (a huge pathetic lie). That’s why we have come to a conclusion on this system review that Auto Trader Alpha is a SCAM! This binary options system does not work and if you decide to invest in it, you will lose everything!

Now, if you are looking for a trading tool that actually delivers results to your  expectation. Please try the Copy Buffett System, it actually delivers consistent results and is honest about it, no hidden gimmicks with this one. It’s based on the most efficient trading systems in the market and is consistently been updated with fresh modifications to improve it’s performance, please feel free to check that out. You are always welcome to contact us for further assistance, a big thank you for reading our Auto Trader Alpha Scam Review.

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