Our Automata Formula WARNING!

Automata Formula Review
Automata Formula Review

Patrol here with another warning on the Automata Formula, this is a recently launched trading system that is promising a lot of good results without any proof whatsoever. Mr. George Coleman, the owner and CEO of this trading service is pretty much here to sell you the most convoluted system to manipulate you into giving him your money. You might be thinking that this individual is here to help and show you a better path to financial freedom but all this crook cares about is his victim’s saved up dollars. That is why we highly advised every reader to check out our entire Automate Formula Review to be aware of the details regarding this fraud.

The most obvious fact that you can encounter at first arriving on the automataformula.co page is how unprofessional they’re presented, the site itself includes no about us, q&as or any source material that gives us any insight on the company itself. It might appear that this is a million dollar company with the nice looking video but may we remind you that these sorts of money-making schemes are very successful and bring a lot more money than they were invested. So it would make sense for these crooks to make it seem believable by renting cars,place, etc. This is all typical and quite frankly, the Automate Formula is all appearance but no substance! Meaning that their luxurious cars, sugar-coated promises and fake screenshots are all part of the plan to leave your pockets empty.

Biggest reasons why Automata Formula will fail big time!

Automata Formula Review
Automata Formula Review

Continuing our investigation, we were hoping for Mr. George Coleman to share valid reasons on why this was going to work but he just continuously tried to fool you with clever marketing techniques. For example, the overall sales video is 30 minutes long, that’s insane! No product in the binary options industry takes that long to explain itself what it is, if people are searching for legitimate signals to trade, why not just tell them with a short synopsis on how they’re going to achieve it, that’s it! There’s absolute no reason to ramble for half an hour on why you need to join them. Not like he even used the 30 minutes wisely, this person just showed you complete trash and no evidence that proves this company is legitimate, no trusted or established trading channel is aware of the Automate Formula System, he claims to be one of the best performing auto traders yet no one in the binary options industry is aware of such technology.

That’s just the tip of the ice berg, if you continue to scroll down the automataformula.co site, you will notice a series of testimonials that will make you think that this is something legit that can assist you in making better trades. Well, it’s not like that and binaryoptionspatrol.com can pretty much guarantee that every single review written on Automata Formula is fake and rather there to mislead you into thinking something else. Mr Charon Lee is saying outstanding and positive compliments on this software, but if you search deeper into this so called “member” you will notice that such person doesn’t exist and is actually a guy from the internet, if you do a simple google search on that image, you will find yourself with countless of search results showing the same exact picture. Demonstrating once again that Geoger Coleman is presenting misleading info to scam you hard, otherwise using this faul practice wouldn’t make any sense since the auto trader works. Since that’s not the case with Automata Formula, this will just end your trading career.

Performance and Results of automataformula.co

The question we all have now is, does this truly function as advertised or was it all a big lie? Well, according to our research, we realize that the average victim of this service generated around 61.2% ITM which is just disappointing and abysmal. This type of performance will get you nowhere and is a sure formula to burn out your broker account. That’s why most channels actually blacklisted this garbage for been good for nothing, the only blog/sites that do promote this are spammy ones that staple everything as the holy grail system!

 Final Opinions of Automata Formula

Automata Formula Review
Automata Formula Review

It’s all clear and showcased that their attempts to look transparent and well established was to fool everyone in the market. That is why Patrol cannot recommend this to anyone and highly warns upcoming investors to stay as far as possible from Mr. George Coleman and anything he promotes. Automataformula.co is a SCAM!

Now, in case you’re truly looking for alternative options that don’t lie straight to your face and actually produce consistent results. Maybe you’ll be better off with something like SnapCash Binary. This is actually something that offers consistent results without emptying your entire trading account, the platform itself is very easy to understand so any beginner or experienced trader can use it, but the best qualities they have is that they offer 24/7 customer support. Feel free to check them out and thank you for reading our Scam Review!


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