Automated Binary System Review! My Money is GONE!!

The Automated Binary System is a new binary options software that many traders are currently trying out. Recent feedback has led us to believe that it’s a scam and by the looks of the website, it’s pretty obvious why that is. The Automated Binary System Scam is developed by Adam Jones, an individual that we have no track records or acknowledgement of. The supposed auto-trader is claiming to generate thousands of dollars without any effort at all, this of course would bring a lot of attraction from traders that want to start trading profitably. But since we know that it’s actually wiping people’s account balance, we urge you to read this Automated Binary System Review until the end.

Adam Jones is a very dishonest person, he guarantees endless profits to those who really need it but is only obtaining new members by doing countless of deceitful tactics. There are so many binary options scams that you have to be looking out for because some of them are actually pretty convincing and if you don’t take the necessary precautions, you could be in a very unfortunate event and fall  for the specific money-making scheme. The problem with is their lack of information on the actual trading software, Adam Jones made no mentions on the algorithm but rather say that it’s complex and ETC. This is not helpful due to the reason that a large sum of trading softwares have low performance due to low quality signals triggers.

Can you trust the Automated Binary System?

Adam Jones from Automated Binary System is a SCAM Artisit

No you can not trust the Automated Binary System, it’s full of lies and manipulative information which may lead you to believe that their somehow profitable but they’re really not. On the second page of, a sequence of testimonials are presented saying that they’ve actually made profits with the auto-trader that Adam Jones created. That’s all bullcrap and we can confirm this by doing a simple google search on those images and verifying that they’re real pictures but the ones on the are fake! You heard correctly, Adam Jones shows fake testimonials to make Automated Binary System look like a legitimate trading software. The results that came up when we did google search gave us hundreds of websites with the same photo that Adam Jones used on the Automated Binary System Website. Which means that he copied it from another site, composed a fake name and wrote the positive endorsement to make it look like it’s really delivering good results.

Such actions are very simply to explain, since the Automated Binary System does not work, Adam Jones knows that nobody with common sense would ever give a positive review, that is why he elaborated those fake results in order to fool and deceive traders into using his Automated Binary System Software. Are you really going to trust your money with a signals service that manipulates it’s results in order to attract more clients!? If they do that, they can pretty much lie about anything in regards the auto-trader. Trustworthy and transparent trading softwares don’t have to do such practices since organic reviews generate eventually..

Automated Binary System Website Review

Automated Binary System is a lier!

The website itself is fill with misleading widgets that are mainly placed to make you join them ever faster? Patrol waited for the countdown to end to really see if it was true that once it reaches to 0, the auto-trader would no longer be available but it was still there!! We simply refresh the page (CTRL+R) and saw the exact timer start over again. We’re telling you, Adam Jones is desperate for clients!! He wants to use every possible method and strategy to pull you into using his Automated Binary System Scam! Such actions can only indicate that it doesn’t function like he says it does!! We’ve seen hundreds of online frauds that use the same technique, it’s all the same!! fake testimonials and misleading sales tactics to get you hooked even more!!

This trading software is actually embarrassing!! No credentials on Adam Jones or the Technology Company that developed this auto-trader, there’s no search results for this crook anywhere, no Facebook Account or LinkedIn Profile. Surely a guy like him has some sort of social media in which he interacts but no!! Nothing, Nada, he’s completely invisible! This person is obviously a made up  character to bring more credibility to the retarded story that the video introduction told. In regards the Tech Company, no name was also provided. sent them an email to and got no response, it looks like they want to hide the most important details so no Automated Binary System Review could really be given properly.

Automated Binary System Results

The results are quite awful, you would image that if traders are burning their trading accounts to this auto-trader, the most obvious and round estimated performance is about 55 to 60 percent in which no gains can be made to the actual capital. This is of course not a surprise since all the dishonest indicators pointed this out in the website. Let’s just say that common binary options scams tend to look a lot like this trading software!!

Summary on the Automated Binary System Review

  • Fake Testimonials on the website
  • Exceptionally low performance (55 to 62 percent)
  • Adam Jones is a made up character that is nowhere to be found in the binary options industry
  • Traders are having a horrible experience when it comes to using the auto-trader
  • is inactive!! Therefore no customer service!

Conclusion on the Automated Binary System Review

Automated Binary System is a SCAM!

We’ve exposed many deceiving methods in this scam review, if you are a rational human being, you would pretty much know that everything that the owners of this auto-trader have accomplished is empty your wallets so please stay away from this trading software if you want to avoid any loses in the future. The final verdict is that the Automated Binary System is a SCAM!! This will bring you nightmares and headaches one you see it live action.

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