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BinaBot scam review
BinaBot Review

On the 09.08.2016 Binadroid 2 Re-branded their name to BinaBot 

We have very interesting news about a previous trading system that was launched, BinaBot has just hit the markets and it’s starting to make quite of a noise in the trading community. Many have asked us if this is any better or worse than the previous version, or simply another gimmick to make traders spend more money. urges every trader out there to hold on to your wallets until you know what you’re doing, don’t get us wrong, we are not implying that BinaBot is a scam but it’s better to be better informed when approaching such service. Therefore we highly suggest to read our BinaBot review for more details on how this works and how it might benefit you.

Let’s clear the obvious first, BinaBot is in no way a scam and we can assure you that this company is only here to help your trading career. If you haven’t heard of this system, well… in the early beginning of 2016, the first version of BinaBot was released by Troy Everett, the old version performed really well in the beginning but the performance lowered to 79 to 82 percent ITM which is still really good but we did notice a little decrease in ITM signals. So when we heard that BinaBot was coming out, we were really curios and confused since the first version of was still generating good trading results but after reviewing what Troy Everett established with this version, we could not be more excited and delighted!

New features and updates to the BinaBot Software!

BinaBot Software review

The first thing we have to clear with our subscribers is that the real Troy Everett from is actually this one. The previous gentlemen that we saw is an actor that the owner used to avoid face exposure due to security reasons, we are very glad that he clearly stated that many services out there uses actors, it shows that he is aware that this practice is done and is very conscious about it. Back to the BinaBot review, when exploring the features that has, we discovered many new updates that the previous version did not integrate. For example, with BinaBot you can put it in fully automated mode, this way you can just monitor your screen in case you see something that you do not like or approved. This is highly convenient to multi task in case you’re busy with another job, you can also learn how the system works inside out since it will provide indications before taking the actual signal. This is incredibly helpful and something that did not have the old version. When interacting with the updated platform, we saw that this was MUCH more user friendly and had more options available creating more control over your trades, many people who haven’t trade on their own or are just not that experienced trading binary options, he or she will find BinaBot much more enjoyable and straightforward to use it.

BinaBot scam scam scam review
BinaBot Software Review

Let’s talk more about the performance, so the previous version of was providing results that were very much acceptable but this new version 2.0 has completely crushed it’s old ancestor. Troy Everett mentioned that it could provide up to 92% ITM but we did not generate such results, we did however manage to receive 89% ITM CONSISTENTLY which is absolutely amazing, this proves that the tweaks they’ve made to BinaBot were worth it and the upgrade is very much noticeable. It’s not only an upgraded in performance that you get with BinaBot but other important tools that incorporates this auto trader makes this surpass other competition. You also have three options in which you can set it to Low, Medium and High Risk which means that if you choose low, you will see fewer trades but with more accuracy and if you choose High risk, you will obtain a lot more signals but with less accurate trades (74-77%). Overall, the BinaBot software packs quite a punch and in our opinion, this is a must have for any experienced or beginner trader.

How the BinaBot functions and why it’s not a scam like the other online frauds!

The main algorithm that powers up the BinaBot software is their patented android technology, gathers information from cellphones around the world to perceive a better understanding on market sentiment, since market movements correlate to what traders are thinking and doing, it’s a very effective strategy to focus on that matter. The second part of the algorithm is back-testing, Troy Everett configured the system to analyze previous performance signals to secured safer trades since the markets tend to always play along some sort of trading pattern. Now, the main reason why Troy Everett and his trading software are different from anything you see out there is because they have an excellent reputation among traders and have proved themselves to be worthy in trader’s recommended list, not to mention that the biggest trading channels out there approve of BinaBot and what it stands for, they really do focus on their authenticity and that’s why this software is quite remarkable.

How to correctly register to the BinaBot Software

  1. Clear all your cookies to prevent any technical issues when registering! (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL)
  2. Go to their registering site by clicking
  3. Fill in your information to register successfully to your account name.
  4. Start receiving signals from the software and Profit!

Qualities and main highlights of the BinaBot software

  • The owner is a trustworthy individual who backs everything with solid explanations on how this system works and functions.
  • It’s recommended and endorsed by the biggest establish channels and blogs in the trading industry.
  • Does not fail to generate consistent results on a daily basis, the algorithm that powers up this auto trader ensures that it chooses the safest and most profitable trades.
  • Mr. Troy Everett offers NO SUGAR COATED lies, he’s honest with the kind of results you can generate and is simply a trustworthy trader.

Final Verdict on the BinaBot Software Review

We have reached a conclusion on this service and we couldn’t be any happier on how this system works, their service is transparent and are here to stay. This will be going on our trusted list due to the many good qualities this app integrates, no shady activity was found therefore Patrol says that BinaBot is not a SCAM! If you have any more questions related to this service or any kind of matter, please email us at at any time, we are happy to help you and remember, trade safe and have a good day!

BinaBot binary options software system review

Got to their official website to start trading now!

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