Binary Brain Trust Scam Review

Binary Brain Trust Review
Binary Brain Trust Scam Review

Another fraudulent trading software has been released, the Binary Brain Trust Scam is not what you think it is! Martin Clayton, the crook behind the site is a filthy liar you should avoid at all cost. We have reasons to believe that his auto trader is not working  like he guaranteed, traders and visitors are complaining that it’s actually emptying their account. We did further analysis on this trading software and soon discovered many deceptive tactics that one could have used to avoid this low performing system. In this Binary Brain Trust Review, we are going to tell you exactly why this auto trader is a Scam!

The website is fairly new but Martin Clayton is already promising trading results of up to 5,000 dollars per day without any real evidence. We don’t know who this Martin Clayton is, this is just some deceptive individual behind a screen recorder saying results that are pretty much impossible to achieve, are you going to believe him because he said so? Of course not, this industry is filled with money-making schemes that promise the same thing, the difference between legitimate systems and scams like is that trustworthy softwares actually provide real insight and explanation on how it’s a profitable service! This binary options software does not do such thing.

Why Traders need to avoid the Binary Brain Trust Software!

Binary Brain Trust Scam
Binary Brain Trust Scam Review

Another concerning factor about the scam is the algorithm itself, the owner of this trading software didn’t make it very clear so it looks like they’re trying to avoid the topic. Every experienced trader knows that the main aspect of a system is it’s algorithm so when we see auto traders like avoiding the subject, it makes us really suspicious. Many authority and credible services usually rely on proven algorithms like Chart Patterns and Technical Analysis, does not look like it uses any of these reliable methods.

Of course, this could of bee easily verified if we had Martin Clayton Contact information, but since this person is a made up character, no real social media accounts would be available. The third anticipated discovery on the software was their trading results, according to Martin Clayton, Hollie McDerry from the United States has generated close to 5 million dollars. Can you seriously believe this? Once again, the answer is no. Patrol did a simple image search on her profile picture and was surprised to see 8 pages of different websites showcasing the same photo. Which means that Martin Clayton went on Google and took their photo to use it as a trading result from their supposed beta testers, in short words, Ms. Hollie never used the App.

The Binary Brain Trust System and it’s low performing results

Aside the countless lies on their home page, their trading results are way off from what Martin Clayton promised. People from many online forums and blogs are commenting that they’re losing their whole trading account in just 5 days, most of them only achieved results of 60 to 62 percent which is not profitable and will not achieved any capital growth whatsoever. These results could have been expected if you would have analyse Martin’s claims a little bit deeper, he said that this App is capable of making five thousand dollars a day, not even the highest performing auto trader can achieve such results, especially when these markets are so complicated to predict.

Anyone who has been in this industry long enough can tell you that the average binary options trader can only make from 10,000 to 12,000 dollars a day but making half of that in 1 day is just completely absurd! Which is one of the main reasons why can’t deliver profits consistently. You would have more chances flipping a coin that using this software, it’s performance and trading results are seriously low and inconsistent.

Quick Speed-through of the Binary Brain Trust Scam Review

  • It’s blacklisted as a Scam in many communities and blogs out there.
  • Uses shady marketing tactics that a typical scam would use.
  • It provides copied trading results and screenshots to fool traders that they’re making money.
  • Review done by the owner of this software is misleading and leave various plot wholes which make this system very fraudulent alike.
  • Scam Review by says that he lost every single penny he invested, probably due to it’s low performing algorithm.
  • The mechanism behind the scam site is poorly developed which causes the system to generate bad trading signals.
  •  Their customer support is inactive, does not respond to any of our emails, We simply asked them about their Technology Company to verify that it’s developed by a well-known tech company.
  • Our Scam Review could have been positive but too many unwanted qualities were presented on their sales page.

Last Thoughts on the Binary Brain Trust Review

Binary Brain Trust Review
Scam Review has showed features that every fraud out there has implemented in their system, this so called once in a lifetime opportunity will leave you fat broke in your bank account. That’s why we have decided to conclude our review and state that our final verdict on the System is that it’s a SCAM!! Please avoid this App if you wish to keep your broker balance from reaching 0, there are plenty of other well-known and established signals services that you can use to facilitate your job but this software will not be your answer!

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 only reliable and fully working system we can think right now is the Copy Buffett Tool, it is 2016’s best performing App that is delivering consistent ITM signals through out the day. It’s trader’s favorite and has maintain it’s great performance through out the many months of it’s launch, please feel free to check that out because it’s indeed a good and trustworthy system you can use, Thank you for reading our Binary Brain Trust Review and Trade Safe!


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