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Patrol has  few but highly trusted brokers that you can sign up with and start trading as of right now. New Binary Options Brokers are always coming up on our agenda, that’s why we have the duty to pick the right ones so you can obtain the best trading experience and receive all your profits. We have seen too many brokers scam traders, that’s why we always do our best to maintain a list of established and transparent brokers. Trading binary options involves risk but it can be even more dangerous and menacing if you are trading with a fraudulent broker. Most shady and manipulative ones don’t offer their payouts to their clients, give poor customer service and price manipulation in which they control your trades to lose on purpose. That’s unacceptable for us and that’s why we have create it a trusted broker list to avoid such unfortunate events. Our list is quite short but remember, we believe in quality over quantity, we’re more confident in endorsing 2 or 3 brokers that do what they’re supposed to do instead or listing 10 or 12 brokers that steal your money.

Anyone who signs up through any of the brokers mentioned bellow will get life time access to a Facebook Signals Group that will generate at least 15 signals a day with an accuracy of 78% ITM. Click here for more information

Binary Options Brokers List

StockPair Broker Review has been in this industry for a very long time and has managed to keep a good reputation for themselves. Their unique platform offers a new way to visualize your traders once their placed. Stockpair is very user-friendly and have outstanding customer support, you can contact them 24/7 from Monday to Friday and get an immediate response. We strongly endorse this broker due to its good reputation and excellent trading platform. Click here for more information on StockPair.

StockPair Broker Review by Binary Options Patrol

TradeThunder Broker Review is currently accepting traders from the US, they are the new kids on the block that are making a good name for themselves. They honor fast withdrawals and have a great trading platform which allows faster and more efficient trading. They also offer a mobile app so you ca trade on the go! Tradethunder has proved themselves worthy to  be our recommend broker list. Click here for more information on TradeThunder.

TradeThunder Broker Review by Binary Options

Trading Binary Options with a fraudulent broker is definitely something you should avoid at all cost. Not only is binary options a complex form of trading but it’s an art that requires patience and dedication. Having a broker that freezes and cancels your trades is a sure highway to an empty account. You cannot trade with such brokers if you plan to make substantial money with this. Trading can earn you a great deal of profits but only when choosing the right path, Binary Options Patrol can guarantee you that if you trade with deceitful brokers, low performance auto traders and bad signals services, you will lose your money!! We do not want that to happen to any of our visitors therefore you should listen to our advice and go with reputable brokers, it took a great deal of time to find the right brokers for our recommended list. Please try to join our path to success with our binary options broker list and contact us if you have any doubts or need guidance with choosing the right broker.

    Trusted Brokers at Binary Options

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  1. Thank you soo much for helping me get through the trouble of withdrawing my money, can’t thank you enough Patrol!

  2. I’m loving Trade Thunder, compared to my old broker this one actually pays attention to me and pays me everything!

    1. We have only heard negative experiences with that broker, please don’t bother with them! Our recommended list will ensure payments and no delays, hope that helps!

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