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Another bogus trading system has been served to our table, this time they’re trying to go for the transparent and credible look but they yet failed again to fool us. Before investing your hard-earned money with this garbage, please take a minute or so to read our warning because this is truly something you do not want to get your hands on, the owners of this trading software has nothing but convoluted plans to leave your wallets empty. Therefore we advise every visitor out there to read our Binary Options ProBot review to be alerted with all the scam tactics that this service has here to offer.

Let’s make the obvious clear, why on earth did the creators of such “legitimate” service decide to go anonymous? Are they hiding because they’re shy or because they simply don’t want to show their real face to the victims whose money they consistently steal from? We are choosing answer number 2! In fact, they don’t even have to show their faces, we don’t think it’s mandatory but at least provide the names of the so called “professional traders” so we can an idea on what so-called professionalism looks like. Almost anyone who at least works in a semi lucrative job has a LinkedIn account now a days. Therefore we could simply have a quick look at who is sending those signals and judge for ourselves. But that’s not all, ZERO information is presented on the company, owners, team of developers, they practically want to hide any kind of information that might expose them for what they really are. For all we know, the technology company behind this auto trader can be responsible for 99% of those bogus systems in the market.

Binary Options ProBot fails big time

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Binary Options ProBot Review Scam

We can’t deny it, their sales video is pretty convincing but since we are not simply software critics, we are actually very well-informed on how auto traders works and how charts functions, their convoluted theory on how operates simply doesn’t fool us. They mentioned a series of technical indicators such as the RSI, Moving Averages and MACD indicator but every charting system out there has those free from default installation. Meaning that anyone can use those tools to predict the market and even mix them for better results, what Binary Options ProBot failed to do was to explain how they were using such indicators, because to be honest, even a 15 year old can handle those indicators with basic knowledge. But mentioning a couple of fancy words doesn’t secure its profits nor will it make legitimate because in reality, you need a lot more than that if one is planning to create a successful automated trading software.

And just when Patrol thought that the negative qualities stopped there, we recently found out that their testimonials are also complete lies. There’s a small section on the bottom of their site where the owners shows a series of reviews done by the beta-testers or members showing really positive results. The only bad thing about that is that none of those were really authentic, Fredrik from Israel has never generated a single cent with the Binary Options ProBot scam, his profile picture was copied from the internet where millions of other website use the same photo for commercial uses. Meaning that every single one of those endorsements are invalid, they are simply there to fool every trader who enters their fraudulent and deceitful service. The only type of systems that use such faul practices are the typical online trading scams that you see in every corner of this industry, makes you think on the true goals that this software has to offer.

Trading Performance, is the Binary Options ProBot delivering at least?

There is only 1 thing that matters on any trading software out there, that it delivers sufficient ITM trades that will make us at least decent profits. Does this shady looking system do that at least, no! It does the complete opposite, we’ve seen real reviews by victims on comments and forums that clearly states that this garbage actually decreases one’s trading account by 91 percent in less than 4 days. That means all the bullcrap that Binary Options ProBot talked about for nearly 15 minutes was all a complete waste of time, even though he provided no information on this system, people still seemed to fall for it. If you had seen the red flags that this software was giving at the very start of their welcome page, you might have had avoid it.

Final Words on the Binary Options ProBot Scam Review

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Even though this is not the worst scam out there, it still is a fraudulent service that doesn’t deliver, that is why we cannot recommend this to anyone due to its deceitful tactics, lack of information and overall negative review this app has. Fancy words don’t fool us that is why our final thoughts on this software is that Binary Options ProBot is a SCAM!

Please be aware that not every service out there is like this garbage here, there are reputable systems out there that actually perform really well and doesn’t have to lie about it. For example, you can have a quick look at Neo2, This auto trader has been in the developing process for nearly 3 years now, they finally released it and has made quite a big impact in trader’s overall performance. It consistently provides good results of over 89 percent ITM and has a dedicated team of support where traders can get their issues/technical problems solve. Feel free to check that out and in the mean time, take care and thank you for reading our Binary Options Probot Review.

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