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Binary Options signals that generate satisfying results are difficult to find, that’s why we strongly recommend to work with trusted signals services that actually provide in the money trades. Auto traders are a new trend in binary options trading, therefore you must choose wisely when applying it to your trading system. There is constant demand for signals and we are receiving at least 57 emails a day asking for the best signal services out there. Frankly, we couldn’t provide a straight forward response until now. Why?? because there weren’t any legit and efficient signals services in the market yet, the amount of faulty and worthless trading robots that are been launched are countless!! Some function they way it was design but others are just bogus scams that are just leaching to your account balance.

We have been testing a vast majority of autos traders that technology companies gave us for free in exchange for a positive review but frankly, none of those trading softwares functioned to our standards. The best performance that signal provider generated was 52%!! That’s why you must be cautious of those non profitable garbage that is on the search engines, YouTube and in email blasts. Luckily, we did manage to find reliable signals services that can help you earn a good amount of money. The number of recommended signals are few but trustworthy, we rather endorse 2 or 3 signals services than having 8 or 11 auto traders that don’t deliver to your standards. Binary Options Patrol will guide you to the best automated trading services and signal providers we can.

Important Note: We may not have a long list of signal services but we believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY, this list is made off systems we fully trust and have knowledge about, they’ve been tested by our own team of traders and have been VERIFIED!

Top Trusted

Maximus Edge Autobot: 1 Time Subscription!!

Providing Traders with a simple and transparent interface to receive accurate and profitable signals, they’ve shown to be one of the most reliable tools to trade! Beginners or even professionals investors may use this to their full advantage. Compared to the bogus trading systems out there. the Maximus Edge Autobot has shown to truly delivery consistent and reliable results!!

maximus edge review review

If your ever need assistance with choosing the right binary options signals or auto trader, please drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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    1. We haven’t review them yet but stay tuned that! In regard Mikes Auto Trader, it’s performing quite well and the feedback we are getting is exceptionally good! Please visit our Signals Page and you’ll be redirect it to them. Good Luck!

  1. I love this signals list! It’s one of the first i have come across that doesn’t list any scam services. Big up to Patrol team 🙂

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