Binary Options Watchdog Scam Review! Honest Opinion!!

Today we will doing a different kind of review from what we usually write about, Today’s topic will be about Binary Options Watchdog, a very well known service review site where hundreds of money making schemes are blacklisted, we decided to review this blog because a lot of heat and criticism have been made against, in this review, we will be declaring if Binary Options Watchdog is a trusted website for traders,  BOWD is exceptionally well known for it’s ability to fight back against scammers so it’s very clear that some online crooks have a problem against that.

Binary Options Watchdog has not only prove themselves as one of the top leading pioneers in blacklisting scams but is also a top favorite to get full assitance and guidance like we do in Patrol. Everything that is related to frauds and brokers reviews are found on, if you pay them a visit, you’ll see extensive reviews with very good information about how this kinds of scams function and how they manipulate you into buying their worthless trading softwares. Binary Options Watchdog is exceptionally good at helping traders also, if any trader happens to fall into any kind of trouble, you can easily contact them and receive a response from them in a couple of hours.

Binary Options Watchdog Review

Binary Options Watchdog Scams Scammers!

Here’s the real reason why we did this review, lots of scams are apparently talking ill of BOWD since they are constantly been put out of business. Since Binary Options Watchdog has a very large fan-base of traders, every time a negative review is posted on their site, the specific service or broker that is targeted is affected pretty badly in which they’ll likely move on to the next scam or close it down. Of course, this a no brainier and you’ll pretty much predict that such Scams will want to take actions against Binary Options Watchdog, that’s why feel the duty to protect those who actually do something good for the transparency of this niche.

You can visit for yourself and witness the very large blacklist of scams who where exposed to the very own eyes of every trader, something that is very much needed and that’s why we support them and are collaborating in cleaning this industry for good. Hungry and deceptive services are all over the place and it’s up to us and to ensure a good path for trader’s to succeed. Some might not know that attacking such scams can brings a lot heat to yourself, especially if your’re a well know individual in the industry, has been attacked with all kinds of web spams, They’ve been DDOS multiple times in the past for debunking a very well known signals service, if you don’t have knowledge about such attacks, well… they are the hardest to avoid and cause great damage. Binary Options Watchdog has lost countless of dollars trying to defend itself, luckily, they are a big cooperation that could take such hits but it still causes damages.

Can you Trust the website?

Binary Options Watchdog helps traders!

Of course you can, they do nothing but debunk deceptive signals services so you can sleep at night not worrying that your money will get stolen by some broker or auto-trader. We can’t count the many times that Binary Options Watchdog has saved people from going the wrong path, since trading can generate a large sum of profits, dirty internet marketers use that to their advantage and twisted into these get rich systems that never work! If you analyse their comments, its traders just seeking advice like they do on Patrol, nothing but positive feedback and appreciation from ordinary people can be found in there.

VirtNext Trading Software

On the site, a trusted signals page is shown where only profitable and trustworthy trading software are recommended, not make-millionaires overnight bots like the scams site endorsed, those do not work and will empty your account balance before you even know it. We’ve said this many times in the past but it seems that traders will rather listen to “You’ll make thoundsands of dollars every day with this trading system” but it simply cannot be done, especially when the markets are so volatile and hard to predict.

Does Binary Options Watchdog have authority?

If you do a simple research on , you can clearly see how recognizable is, The Global rank is 74,812 which is amazingly good for a blog that just review services, Blogs can only rank that high when there are people interacting and engaging with the website and since almost every trader goes to BOWD for legitamte reviews, you would expect much more activity than those shady looking websites that looks like a big commercial.

Summary of

  • Legitimate and trustworthy reviews
  • Authority website
  • Recommends well known and establish services
  • Helps traders around the world
  • Encourages to practice on demos to enhance trader’s knowledge in trading
  • Easy to contact
  • Protects people against scams in this industry

Conclusion on the Binary Options Watchdog Review

Binary Options Watchdog is not a SCAM!

We have enough credentials to comfortable say that is not a Scam! Patrol recommends everyone to visit their site for learning valuable information on trading and useful tips, we’re glad to do this review because it takes lots of courage to stand up against big scams like does, please support them by commenting on their blog, it would saves thousands of people’s money and you’ll be doing a big favor to this industry by giving your honest review on those filthy scams.

Remember that you can always open a free demo account to practice your trading skills, you can also visit StockPair for a more friendly user platform, they are EU regulated and are fast with withdrawals, don’t deposit your money with unregulated brokers that don’t pay, there’s nothing more frustrating than that your account manager making excuses on why you can’t withdrawal so please be careful. If your interested in legitimate signals services, visit our Trusted Signals Page for more information, profitable and transparent signals service can be found there, don’t trust get rich system because they don’t work, thank you for reading our Scam Review and Good Luck!

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