Is the Binary Pot of Gold a Scam?

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Patrol today stumbled upon another trading system that might be legitimate. First of all, before you go investing your money away with this unknown service, we highly recommend our visitors to listen to what we have to say in regards James Tanaka, he is the owner of and we’re curious on what his real intentions are. That is why we have heavily investigated on this service and found out many things that would be convenient for you to hear, that’s why Patrol has chosen to write the Binary Pot of Gold review so you can be informed on everything you to need to know.

A positive quality that we instantly saw when first landing on their welcome page was that they didn’t include any deceitful widgets like “join fast before spots are taken” Those scammy techniques were not encountered so it’s good to know that they are not hurrying their audience into making a choice that could be bad for them, Patrol is also very aware that Mike Treadwell didn’t make you any promises on making you rich like these money-making scams do so that also shows their transparent with their trading results. Until now, Binary Pot of Gold sill hasn’t shown any negative qualities but there is a small problem…. who in the world is Mike Treadwell and why should we believe him, we don’t have anything personal issues with this individual but we have never heard off him, therefore judging his credibility is somewhat hard, a few points less for Binary Pot of Gold since it is kind of worrying.

In depth analysis of the Binary Pot of Gold

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As they video continued to unfold, we were really starting to like how Binary Pot of Gold keeps away from anything ridiculous that you see these bogus softwares say, some say that they’ve found a secret loophole or hack like in some cases but no, this trading service does know what they stand for and what are the real ways to trade the trading markets. Also no annoying pop us, if you explore the site, most of these online trading services usually force you to give away your email so they can send you scam offers every single day but no, they also stay away from that bad habit because we are really tired of it since it will not benefit anyone. No paid actors this time, Mike Treadwell is an actual member of and it really is liberating to see a person who had a tight financial life to be a triumph in the trading industry, Binary Pot of Gold is right now looking like a good alternative to trade binary options but there is a somewhat concerning issue with it, they don’t really talk about the trading software enough. They rambled on and on about how success is done which is not a bad thing but us traders also need real insight on how they are going to turn our small investment into a bigger one, obviously it will have something to do with binary options but we need more.

We understand that the spokesman is a transparent individual but we need more information related to the Binary Pot of Gold system. There are a lot of scam options in the market therefore we need to know why this software is different from them but we don’t get that answer. It’s kind off confusing and preoccupying since we know that the markets are complex and not always on our side, has no idea if this uses technical of fundamentals analysis, does it perform better when there is a lot of volatility or when everything is calmed? We don’t know since James Tanaka and Russell Cargill did not specify it, very sad of them to not explain it since it has a lot to do with how much we end up making at the end of the month, asides from their poor explanation on how their auto trader works, we are also not aware of what technology company is behind their algorithms, we can’t tell if it’s consistent or highly profitable since we have not seen any previous work. Sometimes when a trading service launches themselves to the public, we can already have some sort of indication that it works since we’ve had experiences with their previous projects but in case of the Binary Pot of Gold software, we do not know.

General Characteristics of the Binary Pot of Gold System

  • Representative or CEO of is a trustworthy individual who has earned trust from various establish channels.
  • No scam trading results, they know that real binary options trading does not make you a millionaire overnight so it’s a good sign that they are aware of how trading really works.
  • Performance is at a profitable percentage which makes it a much better alternative than those that don’t come close to 64%
  • Binary Pot of Gold is not a scam but it’s not the BEST system out there.

End of our Binary Pot of Gold Review

scam scam scam scam review scam review

We are not completely in love with it but it’s not the worst system out there, it lacks a lot of information but you can still make a decent amount of profits using their trading system. That is why our final verdict on this trading app is that this auto trader is not a SCAM! Please contact us for more information and remember that you can check our Trusted and Transparent Signals List for more alternative options.

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