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Please be aware of another binary options scam that has been launched, The Binary Secret Scam is a fraudulent software that manipulates traders into thinking that System will help you make money but in reality, this auto trader will just leave you fat broke.  Newly updated discoveries on this money-making scheme has led to our conclusion that David Craig is just a filthy liar looking to take advantage of rookie traders in the binary options industry. Please read our entire Binary Secret Scam Review because we will show and explain all the dirty tactics that used to fool their victims.

You might be disappointed to hear this sorts of news but that’s the sad truth about this trading software, it doesn’t work. Here’s the first critical issue we found on their website, who in the world is David Craig? Why should you believe a single word he says? We cannot take for granted his silly promises when we barely even know the guy, all the promises he made are coming from him, not someone else. Therefore it’s really difficult to judge if he is telling the truth or not, a much better scenario would have been if the Binary Secret Scam is endorsed in high reputable sites but the only places where they positively review this software are shady sites that only promote bogus softwares.

The real reason why you can’t rely on Website.

Binary Secret Review
David Craig and Binary Secret

Beside this devious individual been an unknown figure in the trading niche, their trading results are also lies. If a visitor were to visit their home page looking for extensive information, he/she would run into a series of results by supposed beta testers or members of the Binary Secret Software. According to their testimonial, Jim Adams has generated nearly 260,000 dollars with this system. That’s pretty incredible and outstanding but to our expected surprise, that performance is not real and was rather taken from another website. Let us explain this a bit simpler, what David Craig did was look for a random profile picture of a man on the internet, grab that photo and write a couple of words insinuating that the young fellow on the photo made lots of profits. That unfortunate fellow has NEVER made a single cent with since he’s a random dude that just happen to get his photo copied from the web.

If you were to do a Google search on that image, you will see nearly 8 different pages showing the same photo. Why would the scam site apply such foul marketing tactics on their branding? Because it does not work and is a darn right scam!! Simply as that, if it did function like they guaranteed, no deceptive strategies would be necessary because traders would imminently share their trading results with their colleagues and eventually make the trading software go viral. But since it’s a fraud, the chances of that happening are impossible so specific actions had to be taken from their sales team.

The Binary Secret Scam fails to deliver

Please be reminded that David Craig claimed that his so-called award-winning system is generating more than 156,000 dollars a month. This would definitely indicate that any trader who uses the app has a very high chance of making at least decent profits. Well, that’s another huge disappointment because visitors are reporting EMPTY trading accounts in less than 6 days, which indicates that everything that David Craig assure about Binary Secret is FALSE!! No one in their members area has made any profits with this garbage, this is all big plot to take all your money away from your bank account in a very ingenious way. These are the actual results that this low performing software produces,.

This trading results are classified from 57 to 62 percent ITM. In binary options, you cannot generate such poor results because in the end, if you continue to trade with such low winning result, you will lose your whole investment. That’s why we believe our visitor’s feedback, not their own since it can easily be manipulated and modified. In fact, we wanted to save this for last but here it is, remember the continuous on camera testimonials where those people said that Binary Secret has changed their lives and other non-sense. Fun fact… they are actually Actors! Not real beta testers, those low-budget actors can be hired through an online marketplace called You can actually ordered a gig for yourself from one of the very actors who were hired on this sales video, he’s name is DJyoung and is the same exact fool who promised and was “thankful” for this system.

Overall Idea of the Binary Secret Review

  1. No legitimate reviews found on their website.
  2. This trading software fails to mention any information on how it works, not the slightest hint!
  3. Review found on many critic sites state that it’s manipulative and a waste of time, proving once again how awful of an auto trader this scam software is.
  4. offers no customer service, zero, nada. Apparently, assisting traders is completely irrelevant in building a transparent and trustworthy service.

Verdict on the Binary Secret  Scam Review

Verdict on the Binary Secret Review and David Craig

There’s nothing unique here to waste your precious time with, unbelievably deceitful strategies were used for marketing and it shows the real qualities and characteristics that this trading software integrates. We stand behind our opinion and our final thoughts on this scam review is that is DANGEROUS! You’ve been warned, comes across this sorts of systems every single day and we can assure you that this is no once in a life opportunity, don’t worry about those 20 spots left because this service has been launch for a month now and it still says it’s available.

If you are truly devoted to the art of trading binary options, you can try a successful system like the Tauribot Software. It’s constantly been updated with new algorithms since the markets are always changing and is incredibly user-friendly, traders have an easy time using it and is our top recommended. But in the meant time, please take care and thank you for reading our  Binary Secret Scam Review.

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