Binary X Trader Review! MY PROFITS WERE GONE! is a SCAM!

Binary X Trader is supposedly the number 1 choice for traders for live trading signals. According to Jeff Foxworth, the culprit behind the Scam says that this automated trading software will generate thousands of dollars to any trader who uses the system. In this Binary X Trader Review, we going to explain why this auto trader is scam and our evidence to back up our theory. Many traders have sent us awful feedback from using the site, it’s time to end this madness and put the deceptive individuals behind bars, please read this scam review so you can raise awareness!

At first, you might think that Jeff Foxworth is telling the truth and that the Binary X Trader Scam looks somewhat professional but if you ask in experienced trader in the binary options industry. They would tell you that this is just another one of those scam that is after your hard earned money. Why? Because this completely lacks valuable and detailed information. The only thing you can probably understand from this is that website will make your dreams come true and that everything will be sun shines and rainbows. In fact, if you listen to it carefully you would notice that is sounds like a commercial for medicine.

Binary X Trader and Jeff Foxworth Review

Binary X Trader Trading Results

Another concerning factor is that Jeff Foxworth is a person we have never heard of in the binary options niche, no authority blog or community are aware of this deceptive trader. You would expect from such a lucrative person like Jeff Foxworth to be known in social media at least but no Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile was ever found. Which lead us to the conclusion that the Binary X Trader Software is hiding their true identities behind a fake name. Most binary options scams tend to use this strategy, they hide their true names in order to prevent any personal threats from victims! If this is soo profitable, why would they hide from such an innovate trading software? Is it because you’re shy or you know that it’s simply a scam to earn money for those who endorsed it!?

Second Important factor of this scam system is that the Binary X Trader Scam was never really explained or addressed properly, they mentioned something about scientific trading but science really doesn’t play a role when it comes to trading profitably, it’s about trading patterns and chart analysis but somehow Jeff Foxworth wants us to believe that science has anything to do with creating quality signals. Legitimate and credible auto traders integrate real algorithms like Candlestick formations and Technical analysis, they don’t make up stupid stories like “Science Trading”. Only the software would say such an illogical answer since it’s a money making scheme. Critical detail we recently discovered is that Jeff Foxworth and the Binary X Trader Review on their blog uses fake testimonials in order to manipulate traders into thinking their legit, that fake review where you see the middle aged man say that their trustworthy and profitable are pure lies since they were paid to lie on camera!! Trading Results and Performance

Their performance and trading results are incredibly poor, we mentioned earlier that traders are having an extremely difficult time in profiting with such trading software. Their average trading results go from 58 to 63 percent ITM Ratio which will not yield any kind of earnings and is rather an average performance that most binary options scams have now a days. Remember that Jeff Foxworth guaranteed instant and easy signals by just using their unique system, well it’s a lie since their trading results are awful and rather laughable. Patrol tried to contact customer support at their email and was not surprised to be left with an empty inbox, they didn’t even care to answer and simple question like “Why are your trading results not generating any positive performance”

Summary on this Scam Review

  • has no real customer support or email address because they keep ignoring simple request at their contact email.
  • Binary X Trader Trading Results and Performance is unbelievably low due to their mediocre algorithm.
  • Fake reviews and testimonials are present to insinuate that their auto trader works when it really doesn’t!
  • Jeff Foxworth is a made up name to blend in and make their fairy tale story work in their sales pitch video
  • Traders are reporting horrible results and performance by using the scam
  • It’s a Scam, it simply does not work!

Verdict on Binary X Trader Review

Binary X Trader Review
Binary X Trader

Binary X Trader is a joke, Jeff Foxworth is a liar and their trading results are just not profitable to any kind of trader. We’ve come to the conclusion that their scammy system is just for stealing money so our final conclusion on this review is that the Binary X Trader is a SCAM!! Please stay away from this fraudulent service because if you decide to invest in this, you will lose every single penny of it!! Scams like this are always lurking around so please don’t think that this is a once in a life time opportunity because it is not!

If you’re truly searching for legitimate and fully working systems, you can try out the Copy Buffet Software, a system that is based on one of the most successful investors of all time and is currently endorsed by many traders and communities in the world of binary options. Please contact us  if you have any more questions, thank you for reading our Binary X Trader review and don’t forget to trade safely!

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