Watch out for the Bot Plus 365 Scam!

Bot Plus 365 Review
Bot Plus 365 Review

Today’s topic will be on the Ten Fold Finance scam system, this service was recently launch and it’s already claiming trading results that will have most traders die for. As you can see, Jay Ross, the owner/representative of is promising very good results if they use his trading system that has never been heard off before, he goes into a 10 minute video in which he goes on and on about how he is such a “good person” that wants to help you for free because he feels like it. In this Bot Plus 365 Review, is going to show and explain to you why everything they’ve promoted is simply garbage and shared for the only purpose of you losing your entire investment.

First of all, it is very clear that their overall production value is extremely low, everything from their website and video presentation looks very poor, does this seriously look like a multi million dollar system that generates thousands of dollars to traders worldwide!? No, their so called about us just gives a short overview of what their goals are with this “untold secret”, this doesn’t provide any information on the technology company that developed Bot Plus 365 and it’s algorithms, there’s also zero information on Jay Ross and where he really comes from and his achievements, it’s very unwise to trust his promises and results on the video when this person has never been seen before or Jay’s products, we can’t rely on him just because he said so. That heart warming and sad story he told us is just for sales purposes and to make us feel sorry for him and feel related on some sort of level, Patrol is tired of seen this kind of tactics so it’s not because we’re ruthless and rude, we are just tired of witnessing these scammers taking advantage of victims who have gone through tragic financial losses, Bot Plus 365 is simply not trustworthy and here’s why!

Solid Facts why Bot Plus 365 will probably fail big time!

Bot Plus 365 Review
Bot Plus 365 Review

Continuing our research, more disappointing features were discovered, there’s a very clear difference that separates binary options scams from the legitimate ones, that is details and the actual methods that they use to create signals and profitable trades. What Jay Ross is trying to capitalize on and promote is that he has a “secret” that the big guys on Wall Street don’t want the public to know, this is just your typical garbage that these crooks have shared over many years in binary options and time has proved again that it’s always a big fat lie, there is no secret to trading profitably, an investor just needs time, tools and dedication to really succeed in profiting consistently. Not some sort of hack or loophole, there is no such thing and when we hear the Bot Plus 365 scam talk about this in a serious manner, it just proves that this company knows nothing about real trading and is rather here for the quick bucks rather than really helping beginners out!

Second most important fact that you need to know about this fraudulent trading system is that nobody in this industry actually endorses this in a positive manner, the biggest and most well establish channels out there have actually blacklisted this for been deceitful and manipulative since the results they are promising are far off from been realistic. On the lower side of the page, you will see a series of testimonials from what it looks like users of this system and how much they profited from it. Beu Nicoll from London appears to have made a total deposit of $250 dollars and raised that to $17,000 in just 1 single month, not only is that absurd and completely idiotic to showcase that but technically, it can’t be done! The markets simply don’t function like that and if there’s one thing any experience trader can prove to you is that trading is a steady process of increasing your investment, it’s not a ticket to overnight wealth like these fools want you to believe. But the funniest little fact that we also exposed is that the girl is actually just some random person from the internet, she doesn’t know what Bot Plus 365 and binary option is, this is just some lady’s photo that was found on the internet and simply used for writing a self made testimonial. Meaning that every single review found on the is fake!

General idea of the Bot Plus 365 Performance

The real question you want answered is probably, Does this software deliver a good performance? Since we can’t trust the self made reviews found on their website, real research needed to be done on its trading results. What we gathered from most online forums and commentaries on blogs is that most users are actually making a total of 64% ITM on average which will not yield any profits at all and will most likely burn your broker account sooner or later, this was expected since no legit or proven methods were found to be integrated in this scam, it just proves once again that this is just a money-making scheme.

Final on our Bot Plus 365 Review

Jay Ross scam review
Jay Ross scam review

To end our thoughts on this trash, it’s pretty clear what kind of manipulative scheme they want to pull off here. Look like a victim to fool traders and steal their money, that’s it! If you combine all the faul and negative qualities Jay Ross presents with this system, you will see that it’s the average qualities you will find in any binary options scam, after analyzing our investigation thoroughly, we decide to avoid it and recommend our visitors to stay as far as possible from this scam software!

Now, in case you are searching for something legitimate that truly works and functions as advertised, your better option would be something like Neo2 App. The creators behind this system are actually well-known individuals who have been widely praised for their innovative achievements in trading, their customer support is available throughout the entire trading week 24/7 and have probably the most easy and simple to use platform, please check them out for more information and thank you for reading our Bot Plus 365 Review!

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