Watch out for the Brooks Blueprint Scam!

 Brooks Blueprint Scam
Brooks Blueprint Review

Today we are reviewing the Brooks Blueprint Software, this fully automated system claims that they can generate thousands of dollars with no efforts at all to anyone use who joins their team of traders. Steven Brooks, the owner and creator of Brooks Blueprint guarantees that no losses can be made with his software and that if you trust him completely, he will guide you to financial freedom for the rest of your life. Patrol came here to warn upcoming traders to stay away from the Brooks Blueprint scam because this will not generate the results you are looking for, everything they’ve told you is a lie and in our scam review, we’re going to demonstrate and show you why they are untrustworthy company.

Let’s get to the obvious part very clear, we are not stubborn people therefore we do have to admit that their sales video looks very convincing. All those logos in the office, luxurious cars and testimonials make it look very appealing but what have you to understand is that these type of scams bring a lot of money to these crooks, so investing heavily on these kind of productions would make sense to them since it’s going to bring a lot more profits that losses to them. Let’s discuss a very important issue with the Brooks Blueprint, the CEO/Representative aka Steven Brooks says that he was very poor wining the average income working at a factory. It’s very strange that a person who works at such environment suddenly turns into an expert in trading binary options and algorithm development, some people take years of studying to even become remotely good at predicting the markets but it looks like the owner just became an expert out of a sudden which is practically impossible. tried to search for such individual to see if there was any background in trading or any connections that he really worked full time with but there are no clues or evidence that he was EVER a trader. No establish website or investing channel is aware of Steven Brooks which is very suspicious since a trader who runs around the streets with a million dollar car can go unnoticed. No social media accounts, no mentions of his software or name is shared ANYWHERE which leads to the very obvious conclusion that this is new and that there are no real reviews that visitors can trust. It seems as if this Steven guy is a fictional character that was created for the purpose of just been in the video.

Big fails with the Brooks Blueprint Scam

scam review binary options software
Brooks Blueprint Scam review

As the introduction video unfolded, we became aware that the Brooks Blueprint software was full of lies. When mentioning how the system worked, the spokesman said that no losing trades can be made with the app which is absurd and ridiculous that an “expert” investor in the markets would say that. You can ask any professional or experienced trader or even a REGULATED broker that such performance can’t be achieved in the long run, some of the best traders out there even struggle to obtain 88% ITM which is pretty much the most realistic result you can achieve in trading. But this laughable statement that this individual made just proves that the people behind have no clue on what they’re doing and are just deceptive crooks who wants to attract rookies who don’t know how binary options truly work. You can also witness a very annoying pop up when trying to move your cursor in which they insist to put your email address to “secure” your thousands of dollars. This is again just a marketing strategy in which they uses such emails to repeatedly spam you with scam offers everyday!

A very misleading clue that we found that tells us that they are not trustworthy is that they implement endorsements from very popular and well establish sites that insinuate that such news portals have approved of Brooks Blueprint. Patrol tried to see if this was true and discovered that none of those sites really reviewed this software or even MENTIONED them on their website. Another big indication that they are trying at any cost to deceive you into believing they are legit when this company is just a very convoluted system that will leave your pockets empty. It seems as if everything they stand for and represent is lies and misleading marketing techniques which is pretty much what every scam out there is composed off. You are also presented on the site with various testimonials from users that looks like that such members are having great deals of success by just turning on the software, may we remind you that many of these money-making schemes hire actors to pretend that they are happy and satisfied just for the sake of getting really good reviews, online marketplaces like offers such service in which anyone can hire actors for their own commercial uses so trusting such testimonials would not be a wise decision.

The real truth about Brooks Blueprint

This scam review boils down to the auto trader itself because that’s what really matters, after watching their video twice we realized that they miserably failed to explain how the system really worked. Saying things like it uses specific algorithms to detect future price movements is not going to cut it. Legit and transparent services usually spend their whole presentation video on how their apps work to provide real insight to their audience on why their system is a good alternative to trade.  But then again, we’re talking about the Brooks Blueprint scam, a service that will use any shady tactic to fool you into depositing your hard-earned-money.

Verdict on the Brooks Blueprint Scam Review

scam review scam review
Brooks Blueprint Scam Review

We have come to the conclusion that this is not a safe option to go with if you are planning to trade binary options successfully. This service stinks of pure failure and if there is one thing guaranteed, it’s that if you invest your money with this scam… you will lose every penny of it! That is why patrol’s verdict is that Brooks Blueprint is a SCAM!

Now, if you are looking for something that truly works and doesn’t lie to your face, you might be better off with a service like Neo2. Their team of developers have ensured to test their algorithms with any kind of trading market therefore you will see a consistent performance in results and signals. Their platform is very simple to understand so any experienced or mediocre investor can use it, they also offer exceptional customer service 24/7 so issues and questions can be solved anytime! Feel free to visit them and thank you for reading our Brooks Blueprint Review!

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