Cash Crew Scam Review!! Honest Opinion!

Today we will be reviewing the Cash Crew trading software, a very viral auto trader that needs a proper and informative review. Now, we have encounter a vast majority of binary options scams before and this Cash Crew software doesn’t seem to be any different. We found fake and non verified badges on their pitch page, a few which were the McAfee Secure, VeriSign Trusted and many more. This is a deceptive tactic in which they manipulate you into thinking that their Cash Crew auto trader is safe and trusted. If such trading software really function they way it claims, there should be no need to forge security badges to prove their statement. There’s also another widget that is very dodgy looking and probably a bogus tool, a constant number of earnings is displayed and it shows  members generating $1,000 by the second. We do our best to inform you the best we can but you have to use your common sense also, Do you really believe that a newly launched software that uses fake badges generate 1,000 by the second? No!! So please memorize that because it’s probably true!!
Cash Crew is a Scam, This trading software uses deceptive tactics to scam you!!

George Patterson, the person behind all this non-sense is using very irritating spam practices that we also find in typical binary options scams. Every time we browse through their website, their is always a constant pop up email sign that appears every-time you stop watching their pitch video. It’s normal for pop-up emails to appear because even high authority website asks for your email but if you already decided not to give your email address and close the window, that should be a clear message that you do not want to receive updates. But with it’s like their forcing you to give your email, why?? Because they want to sell you the most worthless trading scams to empty your wallets and fill theirs! George Patterson doesn’t understand that people hate spam…

On their live proof section, they also showcased a screenshot of a 100% in the money trades, something that is impossible and unrealistic when it comes to trading. We doubt that George Patterson knows anything about that since he’s a fake person and not a legitimate trader he might appear to be. That cocky smile you see on the is a purchased photo from Shutter stock . Why is there a need to hide your face?? There’s no need for such measures if your Cash Crew trading software generates such results like you claim. We often find that most reliable and trustworthy products have authentic photos, real and believable results, nice and user friendly welcome pages and real software developers.

Cash Crew uses fake results,George Patterson  is lying!

The success stories you find on George Patterson’s Cash Crew are also fake, those avatars (Profile Picture) you see next to their testimonial can be found on various blogs and websites with a completely different industry. That means that they grab those photos from the web and made it look like real people recommended it. George Patterson, you are using fake pictures of yourself, you display very spammy and deceiving techniques on your website, you show fake results and forged testimonials… Now, is that the qualities you are looking for in a reliable and profitable trading software? Cash Crew is not offering anything that other money making schemes haven’t done, they even failed to explain how the actual trading software is supposed to generate such outstanding results, real trading involves dedication and focus, this scam is a complete insult to all traders who work their head off to pull at least 86%.Cash Crew is a SCAM!!George Patterson is a liar and a very deceptive person, we already found negative comments about your Cash Crew software on many forums. Our verdict will still remain, Cash Crew is a scam and there is no denying it!! Such bad qualities are not in your favor and trading requires good tools that actually work. For example, take a look at VirtNext software that is proven and back-tested by many traders. Cash Crew is just a worthless trading software you should stay away as far as possible. Remember to check our trusted signals list if your looking for good and reliable binary options services!! Thank you for reading our Cash Crew scam review!!

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