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Cash Formula scam review
Cash Formula Review Scam

Good morning fellow traders! Today we have stumble upon a very convincing but yet dangerous trading service that we haven’t encounter for a very long time. Tim Stafford, the CO Founder of says that anyone who is tired of being slave to a dead-end job needs to use his software if they want to achieve real success in binary options. is here to tell everyone that it’s all lies and in our Cash Formula Review, we are going to expose their lies and show you the true colors of this deceitful trading service.

We do have to admit it, this is a very good-looking trading software with a high production value. Everything about them seems quite impressive but that does not guarantee millions of dollars like Mr Tim Stafford insinuates, we’ve been in this industry now and scams now a days are going to extreme lengths to hire luxurious cars, rent private mansions and airplanes just for the sake of deceiving you that such trading service is legit. Please understand that this is a very big industry where millions of newbie traders are just opening their trading accounts, therefore these scammers would obviously put effort into these productions so a bigger audience can be manipulated. It’s been going on for quite some time now so we are not surprised to see Cash Formula offering such results, this is just the typical money-making scheme and here is why.

Most probable reason why Cash Formula Software will fail
Cash Formula Review Scam

When investigating such trading system, we found many unwanted qualities that typical online frauds have. For example, who in the world is Tim Stafford and why should anyone believe the promises he says? Too many crooks out there are willing to say and do anything for a few dollars so it’s mandatory to know the individual before relying on anything he or she promotes. Patrol finds it very funny that the spokesman of Cash Formula hasn’t been mentioned anywhere else besides his own website for his own accomplishments, the only ones that do are those spammy blogs that get paid to review everything positively so trusting such opinions is obviously illogical.  The shady part about such CEO/Actor is that there is no authentic information or background that relates to this person been a legit binary trader, someone who nearly banks 600,000 dollars a month trading binary options simply cannot go unrecognized, therefore his name should be talked about in investing sites and online trading communities but no connections were ever made, indicating that everything that he has showcased are probably lies, to be more exact…. he was paid to say such inaccuracies. You will see that many binary options scams now a days hire decent actors that you can find online for very good prices. A great example would be the actress from The Profit From Home System, you can find her on and pay the lady to say pretty much anything you want!

Please understand that services like the Cash Formula System are constantly been launched in the trading industry, this is not a “once in a life time opportunity” and in our blacklist, you will find multiple scam services that pretty much say the same thing. They all claim that they have the “key” or hack that makes ordinary people into millionaires even though this person here repeatedly says that everything out there is a scam and that they don’t work when he’s pretty much promising the same fairy tales that these bogus software guarantee. Why do we think it’s pure garbage of them to promise thousands of dollars without any hard efforts or evidence? Because it simply cannot happen in the trading markets, even though binary options is a simpler form of trading, it still involves the same markets everyone trades so making up theories that include “flash drives” or conspiracy theories are just darn right lies. You can ask any regulated broker, experienced trader and Forex investor that such trading results are unreal! The Cash Formula System just wants to capitalize on having the best system when they haven’t even done the proper research on how to create a successful trading strategy. Not to mention includes various scam techniques to make you look by these clear warnings like “Hurry up before this great offers expires: (time)” This is a burned out marketing technique to pressure you into going alone their sales page until you finally give your money to them. If you refresh that page, you will see that the countdown will start over again from the beginning and that such expiries were all false.

In depth analysis of

Now, let’s dive into the actual trading software because that’s what really matters because in the end, we are here to make money. There lies another big issue with, Tim Stafford never addresses the software properly, he just rambles on and on about their authenticity when what really matters is hard-core evidence and results. Please don’t be mislead by such testimonials, trading channels and blogs have reported that such “beta-testers” or members have been see before in previous online scams, so believing such happy individuals is a waste of time. But we actually tried to give this a fair chance by doing more extensive research on and nothing but disappointment was found. About 95% of experiences & reviews found in blog comments and online forums were negative, things like “lost my trading account in 4 days”, ” it simply does not deliver the results they promised” are consistently seen on those reviews. Which pretty much gives a real idea on what kind of trading results of the Cash Formula Software generates.

End of our Cash Formula Scam Review

Tim Stafford scam review
Cash Formula Tim Stafford scam review

It’s pretty clear what their goals are and if there is one thing guaranteed with such trading service is that if you invest in the site, you will lose every single penny you ever invested. That is why we cannot recommend this even though we wanted to because it truly looked like something different but in the end, it turned out to be as deceitful as the average trading scam.

Now, if you are looking for something that does not use such dirty practices and foul manners, you might perform a lot better with Neo2 App. This system has been worked on for many years and the owners are recognized individuals who have earned acceptance and applause from the biggest trading channels in the industry. The platform itself is very easy to use so any experience or mediocre trader can handle it and they’ve got 24/7 customer support for any tech/user enquiries. Visit them any time and Take care!

Thank you for reading our Cash Formula Scam Review.

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