Hexa Trader is a Formula to Failure!

As you may all know, the binary options industry keeps growing, that means more scams are going to be knocking you at your door in hopes of leaving you empty-handed. The question that we must ask ourselves is does the Hexa Trader Software really live up to their promises or is it your typical garbage that will just burn your trading account, Patrol knows the answer and we’re going to…

January 16, 2017

HFT Finance is a Filthy & Dangerous Scam!!

As you might off heard, another promising offer has been released, it’s called the HFT Finance system. John Williams, the crook behind this company guarantees you outstanding results if you simply join them, as easy as that sounds, you might be thinking if this is really legit or a bogus fraud that will make your bank account even lower. Now, before you go giving your money away to these scammers, please read…

January 12, 2017

Swarm Intelligence Review! Will It Scam You!?

Official Login Site: Swarm-Intelligence.co/users  To many of you it’s not a surprise that another viral trading product has been released to the market, it goes by the name of Swarm Intelligence and according to many sources, this just might be the most efficient trading app in the market. The question that must be answer is “Does this truly perform to our minimum standards or is it just another fraudulent software to…

December 6, 2016

Profits Eternity is a FILTHY FRAUD!!

This might sound surprising since you were completely sure that Jane Creswell is an honest person who is giving you Profits Eternity just for the sake of making your future a better one. After visiting and analyzing their site, it was pretty clear that everything they’ve tried was to manipulate you into thinking that investing in such trading software will make your problems go away, this is not the case for ProfitsEternity.com…

November 17, 2016

Click Money System Scam!! FILTHY AND BOGUS FRAUD!

Today’s warning will be on a very dangerous system called Click Money System, this is yet another trading software that is claiming insane amount of profits with little to no evidence at all. Julia and Harold, the crooks behind clickmoneysystem.com are saying that if you invest your money in this auto trader, all your dreams will come true and you’ll soon live the life you always deserved, that kind of dream comes according…

November 9, 2016

Onassis Alliance is not TRUSTED!

A big launch in the industry has been talked about for many days, it’s finally released and it goes by the name of Onassis Alliance. Many have told you that this might be your ticket to overnight success but is it true, can this make your dreams come true and help you financially. Well, according to Jed Onassis, this might generate an overall profit of up to 7,500 dollars per day,…

November 8, 2016

Zeus 2 trading app can’t be Trusted!

We’ve got many mentions about another highly attractive offer called Zeus 2 app, is this a legitimate service that you can use or it will burn your trading account before you even know it. According to Matthew Harrison, the person/creator of zeus2.co promises that investing in this trading software will be the best decision of your life, he continuously promises that you’ll generate close to a million dollars without no hard efforts…

November 6, 2016

Algo Trading Robot is Dangerous!

It’s Patrol here with another warning related to another devious fraud that has been launched, it goes by the name of Algo Trading Robot and it’s claiming results that are leaving thousands of trader drooling over it. The question is, does all of their promises live up to the software or is it another gigantic lie to empty your pockets!? Us, the people who have been working to blacklist everything…

November 5, 2016

Our Automata Formula WARNING!

Patrol here with another warning on the Automata Formula, this is a recently launched trading system that is promising a lot of good results without any proof whatsoever. Mr. George Coleman, the owner and CEO of this trading service is pretty much here to sell you the most convoluted system to manipulate you into giving him your money. You might be thinking that this individual is here to help and show…

November 1, 2016

Cloud Track Trader Must be Avoided!

It’s been quite some time that we’ve written a warning but the Patrol team was taking a small break since we thought that there weren’t any fraudulent trading systems to worry about. Well, a trading software by the name of Cloud Track Trader has been released and it’s pretty much claiming to be the best auto trader in the world, is this true or is Mr. James Christian lying to you?…

October 30, 2016