Watch out for the Orion Code SCAM!!

So many fraudulent trading systems are being released every single day, the Orion Code software is another one of them and we’ve been informed that this will probably end your trading career if you let it. That is why we have decided to warn traders about Edward Robinson and his bogus site, everything you’ve been told and promise was just claimed to fool you and manipulate you into depositing your hard-earned…

October 23, 2016

Snapcash Binary Performance & Trading Results

Member’s Area Site: Today we are going to be discussing the overall performance of SnapCash Binary, you have been wondering if traders with no experience like yourself can generate at least decent trading results without breaking your necks trying. has ensured to study each and every feature of the system to make sure we’re using the app to its full potential and what we encounter is pure delight…

October 20, 2016

Is Snapcash Binary a legit system or a FRAUDELENT APP!?

Direct Access to SnapCash Login Page: Today’s topic will be on a newly launched trading system that goes by the name of SnapCash Binary, some say it’s the best trading system up to date, all this hype is surely making it appear as a good service but is this really true? Any binary options investor will surely realize by now that there are hundreds of deceitful frauds in the industry…

October 16, 2016

The PrePaid Profits System is another garbage you need to avoid!!

We have stumbled upon another trading system that will probably end your trading career if you let it, that is PrePaid Profits and according to their campaigns, they are promising very tempting results that will make anyone drool for their software. This is of course very tempting since such results are very hard to come by but is this really true? Patrol has been reviewing systems/services for the past 3 years…

October 16, 2016

The AlgoMaster 2.0 FRAUD!!

Maybe you are looking to invest in the AlgoMaster 2.0 software, since all the promotional material says that you’ll make thousands of dollars without any hard efforts at all, why not right? James Torn, the gentlemen behind guarantees that this is probably the best trading software out there up to date, he even includes that it uses the most modern trading algorithms to produce consistent winning signals, the question you have to…

October 9, 2016

Watch out for the Financial Freedom System Fraud!

It’s Saturday and the markets are closed, that doesn’t stop conmen from releasing their bogus ideas, the Financial Freedom System is a deceitful trading software that is going around the binary options industry promising ridiculous results. William Griffin, the crook behind all of this is pretty much claiming that is the best trading system in the market and that you should join him because there’s a limited time that it’ll be available,…

October 8, 2016

The Charity Profits App SCAM!!

A previous character that we already exposed a couple of weeks ago comes back with fire, this one is called the Charity Profits app scam and we can guarantee you that this will generate the same kind of results the other bogus system provided, an empty trading account. Meghan Sanders, the woman responsible for says that any individual who uses her auto trader will become millionaires guaranteed, she also implies that she’s…

October 7, 2016

Avoid the Dream Catcher FRAUD!

Dream Catcher is another poor attempt to look legitimate and professional when in reality, it’s misleading thousands of traders to invest their hard-earned money with a bogus software that will do nothing but give you nightmares! Matthew Warner, the crook responsible for the site is promising nearly 4,000 dollars to any investor who join their “elite group”, the important question is… does the hype live up to what they’re promising or…

October 6, 2016

Patrol’s Auto Money Maker ALERT!

Patrol is here with another warning in regards a newly launched trading system that goes by the name of Auto Money Maker, this auto trader by Athur McCool is supposed to generate thousands of dollars to any user who joins this “holy grail” system. In his introduction video, he rambles on and on about why this is the best software out there and today, we’re going to debunk all claims on and…

October 4, 2016

Avoid the Blazing Trader Fraud!

Ladies and Gentlemen, another poorly composed trading system has been launched offering ridiculous amounts of money with little to no evidence, we are of course talking about the Blazing Trader software. Johan Strand, the guy responsible for guarantees at least 20,000 dollars per day if you use his “revolutionary” trading software, he claims that it implements the most modern and up to date algorithms that makes the app superior to any other…

October 2, 2016