Our Instant Cash Club Warning!

Today’s warning will be on the Instant Cash Club software, this is another outrageous fraud that is guaranteeing thousands of dollars to traders worldwide with just a click of a button. Thomas Jordan, the creator and the person responsible for Instant Cash Club apparently has made the once in a life opportunity investors are looking for, their promotional campaigns even insinuate that the software is able to make anyone millionaires within 4 months,…

October 1, 2016

24AlgoTrader is a BOGUS SOFTWARE!

Surprisingly, after we’ve blacklisted nearly 10 softwares in just 4 days, we thought the Patrol team could take a small break but another fraudulent scheme has been launched, it goes by the name of 24AlgoTrader and it’s not what you think it is! In the marketing campaigns, they promise outstanding trading results without any hard work, they also mention that they have the best auto trader in the industry which is…

September 30, 2016

Stay Away from Gemini 2!

Maybe you’ve stumbled upon the Gemini 2 and have plans to invest in it since their trading results are off the charts. Brandon Lewis, the person behind Gemini2.co says that any person with no experience in trading can become a millionaire by the end of the month if you use his software. It seems all too good to be true and binaryoptionspatrol.com is here to tell you that it’s indeed all a lie,…

September 29, 2016

Avoid The Trader App SCAM!!

Patrol has stumbled upon another trading system that is promising decent results within a short period of time, it goes by the name of The Trader App and today, we’re going to discuss about it. Brian Wren, the developer and owner of the TheTraderApp.co system says he’s invented a lot money into this auto trader is planning to sell it to you at a very reasonable price, this of course includes your…

September 28, 2016

The Evergreen Formulla Alert!!

Today’s warning will be on the Evergreen Formulla software, this is a relaunch of a previous trading system that we’ve already discussed about. Jake, the owner and spokesperson of the Ever-Green-Formulla.com site that anyone who invests in his so-called system will become millionaires by the end of 30 days! Binaryoptionspatrol.com is here to debunk such idiotic claims and is going to demonstrate why every single promise and deceitful technique is just a way…

September 27, 2016

Stay away from Methodox 2.0!

Another manipulative trading system has been officially launched in the binary options industry, it goes by the name of Methodox 2.0 and many traders are asking us our opinions on this since it looks semi convincing. Scott Sholes, the owner and spokesperson of Methodox.co says that if you join him now and invest your hard-earned money into this trading software, you will make at least 600 dollars everyday for the rest of your…

September 26, 2016

Our Terabit Trader Warning!

Today’s warning will be on the Terabit Trader, this is a rebranded money-making scheme that’s been making quite a fuzz in the binary options industry since it’s promising very attractive trading results. According to Richard Heffner, the spokesperson and representative of terabittrader.com says that anyone who uses his so-called innovative auto trader will generate more than 20,000 dollars a day guaranteed. Binaryoptionspatrol.com is here to debunk such lies and is here to help…

September 26, 2016

The Binary Option Auto Trading Scam!

Today we’re investigating another recently launched trading system by the name of Binary Option Auto Trading, this is very new and their marketing campaigns are already promising handsome trading results that are attracting many new traders. Jerry, the representative of the BinaryOptionAutoTrading.com site is making it look like their service is the best option there is out there and that they have revolutionary technology that makes their signals service the best. Now,…

September 24, 2016

Watch out for Pay My Vacation!!

It’s pretty clear that this is no legitimate trading system, the Pay My Vacation scam has been out there under the radar but today, we’ve finally got to it! Even though you are convinced that this is the best trading solution out there, Patrol has solid reasons and details on why this is a SCAM! Jack James, apparently the owner and spokesperson of pay-my-vacation.trade guarantees handsome results to anyone who invests their hard-earned…

September 19, 2016

Avoid Insured Trading TRASH!

Many binary options scams a day are released, but is the Insured Trading App another one of them? Oliver Breitner, apparently the owner who invested millions of dollars in Insured Trading says that anyone who uses his “exceptional” trading software will make over 15,000 in just 1 single day, he clearly states this in the beginning of that 30 minute introduction video… we think it’s the longest sales pitch we have ever…

September 14, 2016