Centument Project 2 is a dirty SCAM!!

Centument Project 2 Review
Centument Project 2 Review

Today’s review will be on the Centument Project 2 software, this is another deceitful piece of trading product that’s been recently launched and causing a lot of hype about its legitimacy. Gerald Reed, the supposed representative and owner of thecentumentproject2.com says that anyone that joins his service will make profits without any losses, this is of coursed promised without any real evidence and a lots of expectations. Please read our Centument Project 2 review to be aware of everything you need to know when it comes to the true goals of this trading scam. In this review, Patrol is going to explain and demonstrate a few solid and proven reasons why this will do nothing but leave your wallets empty!

First of all, this is nothing more but a cheap production, their marketing techniques focuses on hacking and having 100 percent success rate when it simply just absurd lies! We are here to tell you that no trading software in the market will produce 100% success rate without any losses, the markets don’t work like that and it seems as if Centument Project 2 wants to feed its audience that it can be done when it’s clearly fairy tales to fool rookie investors. This shows that the development team behind this service knows nothing about profitable algorithms since no experience trader would say such idiotic answers like “no losses ever”. They also mention that no one can hack their algorithms so lowering trading performance is impossible, this doesn’t make sense since no matter what kind of hack a crook uses on a software, it does not change the results since it will depend on market conditions.

Biggest fail Centument Project 2 has!

Centument Project 2 Scam
Centument Project 2 Review

Continuing our research, we found that this is no registered business and that no one in the trading industry has ever heard of such software. We went through every means necessary on the internet to find any background or evidence that showed that they were trusted and well established but no results were ever found! In fact, the thecentumentproject2.com domain was registered on the 28th of August 2016 and it proves that insufficient time has passed and making such wild claims like “make over 90,000 dollars a month” is quite irresponsible and misleading since the markets are always changing and performance could drastically change over time. If you listened to the sales video, you will remember that Gerald Reed said that many of their members had profited over many months and this is simply not true since the Centument Project 2 scam hasn’t been available before.

Let’s talk about the Centument Project 2 theory itself, Gerald Reed claims that this trading software was developed by the brightest minds in the trading industry and that he invested buckets of cash into making this the best performing trading system. Surely an individual who dedicates such passion for developing famous trading softwares must be recognized somewhere in the trading industry, but no… not a single shred of information was found that indicated that Gerald Reed is a real trader, this obviously leads to the conclusion that he is no trader and most likely a paid actor that most of these money making scheme use now a days. But enough about the company itself, we are just mentioning this since it usually gives us a strong indication that a specific software is a scam or legit.

Features of the thecentumentproject2.com System

When figuring out the real potential of this system, we had to do our own investigation since most online scams use paid actors that can be found in online marketplaces like Fiverr.com. What we found from most users and victims was that the average trading performance is actually 64% ITM which is just horrible and laughable, this is expected since their introduction video made no real explanations on how they were going to produce such mind-blowing results, they way Gerald Reed curses every few moments clearly shows us that he is no professional but just the a regular guy with bad manners, are you seriously going to trust your hard-earned money with these crooks when there are much better and safer alternatives that are well established!? Fun detail you should also know is that Centument Project 2  is actually blacklisted for presenting many undesirable qualities so it shows that no trusted and transparent trading channel trusts this piece of garbage!

Final Opinions on the Centument Project 2 Review

Centument Project 2 Review
Centument Project 2 Review

In short words, it’s pretty clear what they’re trying to pull off here, the “try to help you by saying hear warming lies but steal your money” technique, if there is one thing that we are completely positive off is that if you invest on single nickel in this trading app, thecentumentproject2.com will empty your broker account and leave you in financial ruins! That is why we highly advise every trader to avoid anything Gerald Reed promotes and his deceitful trading scam!

Now, if you are really motivated to trade profitably and trade with a service that does not lie to your face with idiotic results, your better alternative would be CopyBuffett. This is actually well accepted by the trading community and is widely praised for having the most consistent and reliable results, the platform is very simple to handle and understand so any beginner or experienced trader can use it! Please check them out when you can and thank you for reading our Centument Project 2 Review!

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