Channel Ranger SCAM Review!!

Today we will be reviewing the Channel Ranger trading software, we must admit!! They put some time and effort in creating a convincing pitch video. Devin Miles , they guy who’s behind this fraudulent auto-trader does not seem to have any proof or connections that he’s an actual binary options trader or software developer. There’s absolutely no sign of him been on forums or legit business profile stating that he is a trader. Channel Ranger should be offering reliable information everyone can verify. There is no guaranteed Devin Miles is saying the truth, we have seen people make fake testimonials for as low as 5 dollars!! We would expect from such “legitimate” auto trader to have real and accessible information on  Devin Miles since it’s your hard earned money you will be putting at risk.

Why have we started this Channel Ranger review in a negative way?? Because it deeply bothers us that people manipulate real information about binary options to deceive traders into purchasing their trading software. We know you might be somewhat impressed at what Channel Ranger has to offer but everything that Devin Miles said about range trading has been completely manipulated and used to make a worthless trading bot appear as a once in a life time opportunity.   has not provided any information we can fully verify, it’s all words to us since there is no real evidence. This auto trader failed to mention that support and resistance aka known as the “Channel” according to Devin Miles, that price tends to break those channels lines… very often!!

Channel Ranger is a Scam!! Devin Miles is lying!

Devin Miles rambled on for 8 whole minutes about how his Channel Ranger software is bulletproof and will earn you thousands of dollars. We believe this is just another sales tactic to make it look like the guy knows a thing or two about real trading. Such material that you’ll hear is not new!! What he refers to as channel is support and resistance, a very common term in trading and binary options. That “channel” often breaks and continues due to volatility and constant market changes, that’s why traders lose money trading due to reason that the complex market. It is impossible to determine 95 percent like Channel Ranger claims. Experienced traders can confirm and guarantee you that 87 or 89 percent is the most you can generate if your an above average trader who has advance trading skills.

The pep talk about basketball is simply silly and embarrassing, there’s so much more to just trading bounces. This fraudulent system is only here to leave your wallets empty!! This is not an extraordinary piece of software, there’s nothing new here that we haven’t found in the common binary options scams. The Channel Ranger trading software only has one thing that stands out from other auto traders, their pitch video!! We have seen Devin Miles play basketball, fully dressed in his own office, at his house and even ride a horse!! Although the video production is nice, their results will not change and our opinion on it’s performance is still very low!!

Channel Ranger uses fake results are not trustworthy

We also found that there are no real live trading presentations or how to use videos on Channel Ranger website, Positive reviews are already on google claiming that it’s the best trading software when no one has actually showcased some real footage of the Channel Ranger software in action. We are positive that their paid since this trading software is relatively new and newly launched. We also found a very recognizable face on one of the promotional videos on Channel Ranger, he’s a paid actor from Fiverr which indicates that his gig was purchased to lie on camera and say statements that are simply false.

Binary Options Patrol highly recommends you to stay away from the Channel Ranger trading software because you will lose your money!! Devin Miles is probably just a paid actor to represent their money making schemes, we have seen hundreds of binary options scams and this does not offer anything legit!! So our final conclusion will remain, Channel Ranger is a scam!!

Channel Ranger is a dangerous scam you need to avoid!!

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