Citi News is a SCAM!! DANGEROUS!!

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Another binary options scam has been released and it goes by the name of Citi News trading software. It’s a fully automated trading system that is supposed to generate large sums of money. The website shows a very cheap looking pitch page showing news releases and trading results. You might think the’re professional by looking at the chart graphs and the fancy video introduction but we believe that this is just another money making scheme, big connections in the binary options industry has reported that lots of traders are losing their money to this Citi News Scam, we are not surprised and Patrol knows why!

First of all, the Citi News website is very poorly constructed, these kind of pitch pages can be made in just 10 minutes, we’ve seen it before and it’s a common practice that most binary options scams use. Since their main goal is to steal your money, they don’t bother to invest time in making their website user friendly. We would expect from such a “profitable” trading software to at least pay a good amount of money to design a better welcome page but since it’s a scam, they don’t have the budget.

Citi News can’t be Trusted

Citi News offers nothing but an empty wallet!!

Another factor to consider is their lack of information, we have no knowledge of the developer or the spokesman of Citi News Scam, how are we supposed to trust this trading software if we don’t even know your name?? There is no reason to hide from a successful auto trader if it’s generating money and making other traders happy. We usually do a background check on the creator to scan for any previous dodgy involvements. Nothing about the tech company is provided, it seems like their trying to hide every single detail that might exposed them as who they really are.

The Citi News Scam also fails to mention anything about the trading system itself, how are going to review your trading software if there is no mention of the algorithms. It must have an outstanding mechanism to generate all those winning signals, why don’t you show a short demonstration of what it can do? Sadly, there’s nothing, no live trading webinar, no explanation on how it’s making the signals, NADA!! This is not something trustworthy trading softwares do, Transparent signal services always tend to show or explain how they are generating good signals because sadly, we can’t take anyone’s words in this industry since it’s filled with scams and crooks that will do anything to get their hands on our hard earned money. has 0 subscribers!!

Citi News Youtube Channel does not have any subscribers!!

We also saw that their YouTube channel had 0 subscribers, kinf of funny don’t you think? a multi million dollar software has 0 subscribers!! It’s because it’s a brand new auto trader that was created in a matter of minutes and launched on the same day, no real testimonials can be found because it’s new and fraudulent. Good signals services takes months and even years before they finally get recognize in the binary options communities.

This Citi News scam even uses fake endorsement badges from CNN, CNBC and ABC News to appear legitimate or trustworthy. No records of such companies were ever found relating to the website. Which lead us to believe that they are fake and rather implemented by the own owners to manipulate traders into thinking they are a big trading company that has authority. Even the the highest established websites blacklisted this scam, we are telling you!! This Citi News software is a money making scheme that will leave your wallets empty!!

Citi News and is a SCAM!!

Citi News is a SCAM!!

We have reached a conclusion on this SCAM Review, the Citi News and is a SCAM!!! Please avoid this fraud if your prefer to not lose your entire account balance to a low constructed trading software. No knowledge of the developer or owner is available, the support email is not even there to answer simple questions like “live trading examples” apparently, that’s too much to ask or they simple can’t because they know that this is a fraud that will empty your wallets!!VirtNext Trading Software

We urge you to be careful with this software so please stay away from this money making scheme because you will lose your investment if you decide to go with the Citi News software!! You can always visit our Signals Page for trusted signal services or you can email us at for more assistance. Thank you for reading our Review, Take care and Good Luck!!

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