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The most unconvincing scam has hit the markets, the Click Trade App is nothing but a very convoluted fraud to leave your wallets empty. John Cross is a person you cannot trust and we have gone into a very long investigation to expose this trading software for what it really is. site is a newly launch system that is fully automated, according to the spokesman of this auto trader is capable of generating 5,400 dollars a day. Patrol is here to debunk that lame theory and in our Click Trade App Review, we are going to mention all the details and facts on why this system is bogus, this will not make you a single cent!

First thing you will notice is how unprofessional their website is, it barely looks like they invested 50 bucks on a proper design template. Isn’t this a million dollar system that makes every traders rich? Then why on earth would they present themselves as a company who can barely afford their own service. Typically, legit trading systems have a nice welcome page showing a clean interface and basic information for any new visitor, the Click Trade App does not provide any, no about us or information on the developer team.

1 Reason why the Click Trade App Sucks!

So, the main reason why people need to avoid this garbage is because the very own presenter of this trading software is not trusted at all. Besides the negative reviews online, John Cross is not recognized anywhere in the trading industry. For the love of god, we tried tracking him down in every corner of the industry and no results were found on this guy, no Facebook account nor LinkedIn profile was ever discovered. Which leads to the very obvious conclusion is that he is not a trader o developer of any kind, he does not posse any knowledge on the market and how it works. Why? Very simple… this deceptive individual is actually a Fiverr Actor!  John Cross or whatever his name was paid to lie on camera. Everything he has promised and guaranteed is bullscra*p!! He has no real involvements with the Click Trade App, he has never tried and is a very obvious reason to stay away from it. This is incredibly deceitful and is what most binary options scams out there do to avoid showing their real faces, they of course don’t want to run into some victim and get punched in the face, we can’t lie…. if we lost money to them, who wouldn’t want to punch them.

Can you believe that? After the very long introduction video, you just realize that you were met with the biggest liar on the planet. But that’s not all, if you scroll down the homepage, you will see a group of badges insinuating that they’ve been endorsed by This is not true and if you check for yourself, you will see that has never mentioned the Click Trade App ever, no articles or videos were ever seen so this clearly tells us again, that it’s all lies. It seems that everything they do on their marketing and branding strategies is pure deception, we don’t mind if trading services show off all their unique features, but lying and hiring actors is a complete different game, that is just wrong and faul. How can someone possible trust such service when all they do is feed you made up promises that are not going to happen. For instance, they assure 5,000 dollars everyday, little do they know that raising a 250 dollar account to that high amount is impossible. You can ask any experienced trader in binary options and he or she will tell you that it can’t be done, the markets are constantly changing and it’s extremely difficult to even hit a 91 percent ITM in the long run. But Click Trade App doesn’t care about that, as long as you deposit your money, they couldn’t give a rat’s a**

Overall Performance of

John Cross promised 5,4000 dollars everyday to any visitor who uses this trading software, quite frankly that is complete bull***! After reading countless of depressing comments and experiences of this trading app, we’re pretty sure that such results are not by coincidence. Based on many emails and feedback from victims, this Click Trade App Scam is actually generating 56 percent ITM. This will get you nowhere and is a secured road to an empty trading account. We are aware that nailing the markets with perfect accuracy can’t be possible but this is unacceptable, it’s okay for this system to generate bad signals for one day but providing mostly losing trades is unacceptable! This is mostly due to the poor algorithms that this trading software has integrated, low production value equals badly developed algorithms and that kind of work will result in losses.

Highlights of the Click Trade App Review

  • John Cross is a backstabbing crook who works at, an online marketplace where people hire actors to say and do whatever they want.
  • Show trusted badges to fool victims into thinking that they are a legit company, those badges are fake and not real so everything they’ve said is irrelevant.
  • Doesn’t provide any unique qualities that distinguish it from other online scams.

End of the Click Trade Review

BinaDroid Scam Review
Scam Review

After carefully rethinking everything that this trading software has provided, we cannot even consider this to be an okay option. This is seriously a deceitful software that will do nothing but harm to you financially. John Cross is double-sided snake who’s just laughing right behind his desk with all the money he got for been involved in a million dollar scam. That is our final verdict on this scam review is that is a SCAM!

If you are looking for an alternative option that is trustworthy and will actually deliver consistent results, please have a look at Binadroid. This trading app has been developed over many years and has proven trading methods integrated, you will also find a very user-friendly platform that will make life a lot more easier for those rookies who are just starting out. Updates are also released every week to maintain the app’s performance at a profitable level. Contact us for further assistance, thank you very much for reading our Click Trade App Review

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