Cloud Track Trader Must be Avoided!

Cloud Track Trader Review Scam Review

It’s been quite some time that we’ve written a warning but the Patrol team was taking a small break since we thought that there weren’t any fraudulent trading systems to worry about. Well, a trading software by the name of Cloud Track Trader has been released and it’s pretty much claiming to be the best auto trader in the world, is this true or is Mr. James Christian lying to you? has reasons to believe this garbage is only here to wipe your bank accounts, we highly advise every single visitor to read our Cloud Track Trader Review to be aware of everything you need to know about this scam!

First and most clear piece of evidence we have when entering this site is the website itself, everything from their production value and presentation seems like your common binary options scam. There’s nothing unique or worth millions of dollars presented in this site, it’s just pretty much your ordinary sales pitch page that wants to convince you that this “system” is somehow the answer to all your problems. Cloud Track Trader is nothing but the formula to failure and if there’s one thing we’re completely sure off is that James Christian is continuously deceiving you into believing this truly does work when in reality, it doesn’t. The main headline above their introduction video screams “Make 1,250 dollars every-single day!” If you are in the right state of mind, you would realize that this cannot be done unless you have a tremendous capital saved up.

Why you will fail with the Cloud Track Trader Software!

Cloud Track Trader Review Scam Review

Now, continuing to find more details about the company and the developers, we were surprised that little to no information was found. This is incredibly suspicious and shady since most transparent and honest services tend to have a verified history that proves their a legitimate company that do create profitable systems and software. For example, a trusted trading system that has been working for quite some time should surely have some sort of reputation among traders, communities and trading channels. Yet there is not single positive endorsement about the Cloud Track Trader scam, there’s zero to no mentions of this system functioning properly anywhere, James Christian is the only person that is currently stating that this is the best trading software in the market, even though he shares no insight on this promise, he still seems very comfortable saying it. Here comes the critical characteristics that told us this is just a scam, on the site, you will see a series of testimonials from what it appears to be the users off this auto trader, if you analyse closely each and every single review written about this system, you will see that each one is very positive and excellent in terms of results.

Little did you know that every single review written about Cloud Track Trader is fake and that every assurance that James Christian made on this software is to deceitfully make you throw away your hard-earned money at them. Not only does this prove that results and performance are very unstable but it indicates us that this trading system does not work, otherwise they would not go to such measures to bring in new clients. This is not the way to do it and is incredibly disrespectful to mislead new investors to join them when results are not clearly explained. This is mostly found in average binary option scams since they tend to fail at delivering consistent ITM signals, that is why they spend their majority of time feeding you with countless of sales tactics like using google maps, bold promises and fake reviews so you can become anxious and deposit your money right away. Besides that, just the idiotic statement that Mr.James made about “no losses” definitely shows this douche-bag knows zero about real trading, every experience trader can verified that investing in the markets will always come with risks, you might lose sometimes but the overall goal is to win more than you fail. So saying things like “zero losing trades” is completely ridiculous and shows that the creators behind this app knows nothing about trading successfully.

The sad truth about the Cloud Track Trader Scam

Obviously, us the viewers can not trust these individuals since evidence and history has proved that these are not qualified nor professional developers/traders. When researching for real & honest reviews, we discovered that victims of the website actually reported an overall performance of 62.4% ITM which is just dreadful and disappointing, concluding that the so-called technology this auto trader integrated are fairy tales!

End of our Cloud Track Trader Review

Cloud Track Trader Review Scam Review

Our opinions on this garbage are plainly obvious, if you wish to destroy your financial live and lose every single dollar you have saved up, go ahead and give them your money because this without a doubt, will swallow up every single penny you have. James Christian, the supposed CEO of can’t be trusted and none of his future creations, that is why Patrol staples this as a binary options scam!

If you truly wish to make consistent profits with a reliable service who is transparent and well-recognized, please have a look at SnapCash Binary. The owner is truly an experienced trader who has gained recognition for his innovative work in algorithmic trading, his achievements in auto-trading are very simple but yet an effective system, the most trusted and well-established channels and blogs even recommend this for all beginners and are very happy to endorse this. Customer support is available 24/7 for guidance or tech issues so feel free to contact them at anytime!


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