Cloud Trader Scam Review

Cloud Trader
Cloud Trader Scam Review

Today’s review will be on the Cloud Trader Scam, you might be surprise to hear this but it’s indeed a fraud. The scam site is full of deceptive tactics and made up of illogiral theories to fool you, that is why every trader out there need to avoid Matthew Shepherd and his trading software. This is a recently launched auto trader that is fully automated and has a supposed performance of 100% ITM. This system is recently launched and it has already gain a bad reputation among traders. That’s why we need every trader to read our Cloud Trader Review before entering their website.

The first thing you’ll notice on their trading software is that they somehow have a code that can track your IP address and present you something like “7 Partners Needed In (Your country) to make $1,250 dollars with free auto trading software” This is a smart strategy in which they make you think you’re getting the Scam exclusively for you. If you were to live in China, Germany or India, the exact same message would appear. So, the next concerning factor about the Cloud Trader Scam is that it’s representative, Matthew Shepherd, is not recognize or acknowledge anywhere in the binary options industry, how can you possibly believe what he says if one has no clue or track record of what’s done in the past. For all we know, this deceptive individual could be an actor which he probably is, does not appear like a legitimate software you would trust!

Why you should avoid the Cloud Trader Software by Matthew Shepherd!

Cloud Trader Scam Software
Cloud Trader Scam Review

As Patrol scrolled down their Website, we saw a series of trading results by beta testers of this auto trader. At first, we were amazed and surprised at how well it was performing but when we did our second investigation on their system, soon discovered that those trading results are fake! Matthew Shepherd uses pictures from other blogs to make it look like real people are using the App, when in reality, no one has ever made a single cent with their system. Why would Matthew Shepherd lie and deceive traders about their performance, if the auto trader performs efficiently there would be no need for fake results because traders would eventually share them!! But since this App does not work, it would be impossible to achieve those endorsed reviews.

Matthew Shepherd also claims results that simply can’t be achieved! The Software does not have the abilities to generate 100 percent ITM, it simply can’t be done because even the highest performing softwares in the market don’t achieve such success. You can ask any trader who has experience in trading the markets that it’s impossible to maintain a hundred percent ITM. If it were true, everybody in the entire world would quit their jobs and start trading online but since it’s not like that, the website would never perform that well! The second and not so easy to spot lie was the video itself, there’s a part where Matthew Shepherd says that Dave Blake made 1250 dollars in his first day but that individual doesn’t even trade. Once again, that profile photo was grabbed from the internet and pasted it on his trading software, you can visit Dave Blake’s Real Profile for yourself right.

Cloud Trader Software Performance

This scam doesn’t have a single clue on how binary options is really traded. There is no holy grail when it comes to trading profitably but… there are good tools that you can use to make your job easier. The System will not achieve that and we can simply verify this by what the owner said, 100 percent ITM can’t be done!! Therefore the software is performing way bellow that and there’s an accurate guess that it’s generating from 58 to 62 percent ITM. Some comments on forums say it’s results are even worse than that! The Performance is not surprising at all, since the algorithm itself is not developed correctly, low quality signals are imminent with the auto trader.

General Idea of the Review

  • This system is based on an algorithm that was not developed correctly, therefore it’s trading results are absolutely terrible!
  • does not provide customer service or an email address where we can contact them, it shows that they simply don’t care if traders ever run into technical issues.
  • This App is blacklisted in many authority websites stating that it’s trader’s worst nightmare.
  • The owner can’t be trusted since he has no credentials and is using dirty tactics to fool traders.
  • Mr. Matthew promotes this System with fake results.
  • It says it doesn’t lose a single trade but hundreds of traders are emptying their account thanks to this low performing system.
  • It’s a scam, no more words for it!

Final Conclusion on the Cloud Trader Scam Review

Cloud Trader Scam Review Scam Review

Too many lies with are presented with this binary options system, that’s why we would like to conclude our scam review and say that is a SCAM!! Please avoid this garbage because if you invest your hard-earned money in it, you will lose it!! There are literally 50 better scams that do a better job than this software so please don’t think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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If you are really looking to profit consistently, you can check out the Copy Buffet Systema fully functional software that is performing exceptionally well, it’s trader favorite system and is recommended by many communities and blogs. Please feel free to check it out and thank you for reading our Scam Review!

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