Cobalt Code is GARBAGE!

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Cobalt Code Review

Today we’re reviewing another automated system that could possible make you from 12,000 to 17,000 dollars a day. Now, before you pull out your wallet and invest heavily into this auto trader, we want every visitor/reader to read our Cobalt Code review for better understanding of what you’re truly getting into. These heavily marketed advertisements on this software has led hundreds of traders into thinking that this is a push button system that will make you a millionaire overnight but you’re dead wrong! Patrol thinks this scam is up to no good and in our review, we are going to show and demonstrate you why everyone in the trading industry needs to avoid it.

Now, first thing we noticed about the Cobalt Code Software was that Grant Stone is not recognized anywhere. Even though this individual kept talking about how much money he has and how successful of a binary options trader he is from trading this metal, there are no sources online that can prove this. The only evidence we get from all of this ridiculous statements are words only, we cannot trust Grant Stone because he said so, the sales video might be convincing but please know that this is a billion dollar industry that many companies spend thousands of dollars on money-making schemes like this, you can even get your own actor to say anything for as low as 5 dollars on online market places like

Cobalt Code is very misleading!

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Cobalt Code Scam

This system is based upon a strategy that Mr. Grant Stone created while he was a “slave” in the mining business, he supposedly studied these market movements very carefully and he now is able to create a very consistent auto trader. Cobalt Code appears to be developed on an algorithm that is concentrated only on its price changes, we find it very funny how a person with now knowledge about the markets can pull off such “profitable” system, he even states in the introduction video that he is no “trading expert” but he somehow is able to create a complex studies on such commodity. This theory he has that this the asset billionaires trader is quite absurd, one can profit from any asset in the market but the trick is how to trade it, some traders do really well with gold, some doesn’t but that doesn’t mean it’s any way especial or more easy to trade than other types of signals. Cobalt Code Scam is pretty much insinuating that this is the holy grail when it comes to making millions online, pretty much what every common binary options scam implies!

Second thing we noticed that was quite shady of the software was that they demonstrated a couple of logos from different well-known banks in the world to insinuate that they’re legit or in some way trustworthy. Since many services tend to do this sort of marketing technique, we tried to verify that those endorsements were real, none of those banks ever promoted the Cobalt Code software or even mentioned it. You can google it for yourself and you’ll see that there are no connections from such banks to this trading software, meaning that those “Trusted and Verified By” section is all bs and in reality, it’s just put there to fool the average viewer. The question is, why would they need to manipulate rookie traders into believing that they are legit? if the software works, it will get people’s attention naturally since soo many systems out there tend to be bogus. Patrol is certainly positive that it’s due to the fact that this app does not deliver and Grant Stone is aware of that!

Performance and Trading results of the Cobalt Code scam

Even though they lack a lot of authenticity, we cannot deny that they look very convincing. That is why we tried giving them a second chance but they yet fail to show us their true potential. Any trader who is looking to make a least a decent income in binary options needs for assured 70% and above win rate. This auto trader is only generating 63% average! Therefore making any profits at all is likely impossible, this type of trading results will get you nowhere and will most likely wipe out your trading account, this is funny since Grant Stone promised us that we will be making thousands of dollars everyday. This is the result of many victims who complained on forums and blog commentaries, so it’s no coincidence that it’s failing.

Highlights of this scam review

  • This service fails to deliver any real explanation on how they are going to provide such unrealistic results, they explained this convoluted theory that doesn’t make sense and has been tried before.
  • Owner is not trusted, this person is not on social media, he has no contact information. He’s pretty much a character that was played to be in the sales video.
  • No real reviews are found on this scam but rather blacklisted warnings that alert people to stay away from it.
  • It doesn’t work, simple as that!

Final Words on the Cobalt Code Review review scam review

That’s pretty much it, we know you wanted to hear good news about this system but we cannot lie since it will cost many of our subscriber’s hard-earned money. This is your typical online trading fraud that promotes a secret trading strategy that will make lots of winning signals but this is far from been that, that is why we have to say that Cobalt Code is a SCAM!

If you are truly searching for a legit and transparent service that delivers consistent results, you might want to have a look at CopyBuffett. The owners are reputable traders that have earned approval from the most trusted channels in the industry, it delivers frequent updates to make sure the software runs at an optimal level and the interface is quite simple so any rookie or experience trader can use it. Feel free to check that out and thank you for reading our scam review!
Copy Buffett App Review

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