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Compound Trader Review

We’ve come to the conclusion that Compound Trader is nothing but a deceitful trading software that plans to leave your pockets empty. Doctor Albert Henderson, the owner/CEO of this trading system says that anyone who uses his so-called “holy grail” system is bound to make thousands of dollars within hours, to be more exact… he said 5,000 dollars can be generated within 1 hour of using his Compound Trader app. This is all complete lies and in our Compound Trader Review, we are going to demonstrate how this scam is nothing but a bogus system with countless of misleading tactics. is not what you think it is and if there is something guaranteed with such software is FAILURE!

When entering their welcome page for the first time, Patrol realized how low the production value is, nothing but typical scam widgets that you see on your everyday scam out there are implemented here. The video itself is very poorly made with a simple white background, this is of course very strange since this auto trader produces millions of dollars worldwide and this of course looks nothing like it, we’ve seen bakery shops have better business sites than the Compound Trader Scam. Binaryoptionspatrol of course is not only going to judge this based on its appearance but it’s small details like these that tells us how a service usually turns out to be. Then, we have another big problem which is who in the world is Doctor Albert Henderson from Patrol has been in this industry for nearly 4 years now and we have never heard of such individual who makes 7 figures a month trading binary options, such success and wealth is bound to get noticed in the trading industry but no, not a single channel, blog or investing site mentions him or his software been successful or in any way existing. That clearly indicates us that this is VERY new and that no establish partner trusts this app, seems very absurd for someone to be claiming such ridiculous results without having enough time to test it if it’s consistent.

More disappointing news with the Compound Trader App

Software Review Scam Review
Compound Trader Scam Review

By now, we think you’re still pretty negative with all the commentaries we’ve made so far but this is pretty the most generic piece of software we’ve seen so far. You can search for Binary Options Scams on the internet and you will find yourself with 100s or even 1000s of apps that have the same theory and feel as this trading scam. This software just pretty much capitalizes on having a secret method aka compound strategy that is able to turn a 250 dollar investment into 5,000 bucks in just 1 single hour. Something that is complete fairy tales and laughable since the markets don’t work like that, if you ask any experienced trader about such trading results, she or he will tell that such outcomes are just right darn impossible to achieve since the trading markets are constantly changing and no matter what system you are using, it will never make that of a MASSIVE profit gain with such SHORT amount of capital. Like common, he repeatedly says that Compound Trader app is to bring in not thousands but millions of dollars by just “compounding”. Let’s talk more in-depth about such strategy, first of all this is not new! The idea of multiplying successful trades in a row has been thought out before but the difficult part is nailing such trades to be winners in a consecutive order, that is why not every trader out there risks their entire money trying out this trading method because you can either win big or LOSE BIG TIME.

Continuing with our research, we later found out that Doctor Albert Henderson is using fake testimonials to fools visitors into thinking that many beta testers and members are profiting big time when really no ever has! For example, if you keep scrolling down the Compound Trader Scam page, you will see a list of reviews done by the own member of such service showing great gratitude of how happy they are with their trading results. We don’t want to be party poopers or take away happiness from visitors that are excited that other people are making money but quite sadly, all those reviews are FAKE! You read correctly, every single words that such reviews show in which they say they’ve made a lot of money are simply not true, if you search for such names with the profile pictures, you will see that the many websites out there use the same exact image for their own commercial uses. So  if the uses such picture, you’re guaranteed that many other websites are using the same one for their own uses, meaning that Doctor Albert Henderson is a manipulative crook that will use any dirty tactic to get you to deposit your hard-earned cash for selfish purposes, that is of course leave your trading accounts empty.

Biggest Key Features of the Compound Trader Scam

  • The very own owner of this trading service is an individual who is not trusted by any trading channel or website in the trading industry, there’s no evidence that this person makes 7 figures a month, clearly a person like him is bound to get notice but no house, company or even a social media profile is found on this “trader”.
  • Trading software simply fails to demonstrate how this works, give a very average of answer in which he misses a lot of information on why such compound trading system will generate 8 million dollars, saying that an algorithm is there to identify trends is not enough! Every scam auto trader has integrated some sort of trend algorithm in their process of taking trades.
  • Blacklisted reviews are found that warns traders to stay away from this due to low performance and lack of consistency with its winning signals.
  • This bogus software simply does not work, our review is based only on facts that we’ve gather from their very own site.

Final Statement on the Compound Trader Review

Compound Trader Scam Scam
Compound Trader Trading Software Scam Review

Please stay away from this garbage, it’s pretty obvious what kind of magic trick they’re trying to pull here. The “we care so much about you that we’re going to feed you the biggest sugar-coated lies in your life so you can fall in love with our scammy software and once you have deposited your money, we’re gone and going to let you lose all your money” type of card. Because seriously, this offers nothing unique that will make us even CONSIDER that this is a good option to trade binary options profitably, that is why we have to say that  Compound Trader is a deceptive SCAM!

If you are really looking to make decent amount of profits with a realistic goal that can be achieved, you might want to start looking for alternatives that don’t lie to your face and give lame excuses on how their app functions. You can try out the Neo2 App, the people behind  it are actually approved individuals who have gather large amount of likings in the trading community for their innovative work in algorithm based trading, these people have actually invested large sums of money to make their system the best and consistent app there is, their trading platform is quite straightforward so any experienced or rookie trader can use it, they offer great customer support 24/7 so feel free to visit their welcome site any time. Thanks for reading our Compound Trader Review and Good Luck!

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