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Please contact us if you have any questions, feedback or anything related to binary options. This is a very big industry and we frankly don’t have the time to go through every single service/software out there, that’s why Binary Options Patrol encourages traders to email us at Attaching screenshots of results will help us immensely with our reviews. You might not think your opinion is valuable but to us it is!! We’ll make sure you comments and thoughts get heard in the binary options industry and every trader out there, the more reviews and feedback we get, the easier is it to blacklist and bring them to justice. Binary Options Patrol will not falsely accuse any service or trading software if there is isn’t any real evidence to back it up.

That’s why we need you to contact us and share everything that could have a possibility of harming other traders. As we have stated before, Binary Options Patrol will do it’s best to keep blacklisting and exposing these money-making schemes but we can only do so much at a time. That’s why we would greatly appreciate if you leave us with comments and thoughts under our reviews and recommendations. When you do that,  our reviews will get more notice in the search engines which will result in more traders seeing our warnings!! You can also follow us on social media, Contact Binary Options Patrol on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and Pinterest. Just click on those clickable links and you’ll be contacting us in no time!! Always Contact Binary Options Patrol for assistance in this industry!!

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  1. I , ALMOST, lost $250…..because of the scam by PushMoney app but I read your review….thank you so very, very much!! I’m retired now and want to do wise trading with a trusted Broker and such.

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