Crazy ATM Scam Review!!

Today we are reviewing the Crazy ATM trading software. From the name itself, we could already make an accurate guess of how this binary options auto trader functions. Usually, profitable and proven trading software have names that are professional and correlate with the product itself. Crazy ATM doesn’t sound like a credibility name for a trading software since binary options is meant to be taken seriously and with lots of dedication. Patrol is not going to judge this because of it’s name but rather than the false statements and other factors we encounter. First of all, the website itself is dreadfully designed to look like a casino, those bots looks like machine slots you find in Cesar’s Palace. The pitch video was absurd and was painful to watch! Nothing that the Gordon guy said made any sense to us, you might get excited and impressed with the fancy words Gordon repeated but if listen carefully, he never really mention how this is supposed to deliver good in the money results.

Crazy ATM is a SCAM!! Gordon is a SCAM also!! is not only a very fraud looking website but we also found multiple grammar mistakes on their “how to use” section. A critical and important page like that should have very clear and easy to understand guidelines but the errors we found were just embarrassing. They can use google translator or get someone to do a grammar analysis for just 5 dollars. There’s no excuse for to produce such child looking website, we know that many software developers don’t know native English but that doesn’t mean it can be helped or remedy with. Not to mention their low quality video of live examples which only took 3 signals were taken, nothing out of the extraordinary. And just to top it all off, they only managed to win 2 trades out of 3. That’s not real profits you can rely on, the woman who was narrating the video also had a difficult time expressing herself, we barely understood what she was trying to say.

It looks like the Crazy ATM gives 60 seconds signals which is practically translating to a sure loser. Every experienced trader knows that 60 seconds is too short for a expiry, it’s nearly impossible to predict what price might do in less than a minute. But we highly doubt that Crazy ATM and Gordon knows such trading material,  by the looks of how their website is composed, their misleading pitch video which only utter non sense and the horrible grammar mistakes, you can make a pretty good guess that Gordon, the person behind doesn’t have a single clue of how real binary options trading work.

Crazy ATM trading software doesn't work and have grammar mistakes

We’ve seen many money making schemes use all kinds of tactics to get you to deposit with their faulty auto traders but we never thought that the “Makes no sense” tactic would actually be implemented so badly to a trading software. Crazy ATM trading software is just garbage, there were no real connection between them and the technology companies we know that deliver good results. How can we take Gordon seriously we they don’t even know how to properly write “invest”?? Are you going to trust your hard earned money with such fools like Gordon?? or are you going to go the smart way and choose something else that actually works. We think that Crazy ATM didn’t surpass the budget of 100 dollars to make their whole website including the so called auto trader. We’ve seen some dodgy blogs endorsed this Crazy ATM software without any real testimonials that prove such good results as they claim.

Crazy ATM is a dangerous SCAM!! please avoid this trading software

We are positive that the Crazy ATM software is a scam and we recommend you to stay far away from this fraud and go with proven and tested auto traders like the VirtNext software. Nevertheless, if you wish to to choose something else, you can always open a demo account and star practicing on your own. Gordon, you’re welcome to email us and really explain how your cheap, fraud striving and deceptive trading software actually works, if not…. your Crazy ATM is a SCAM!!


Thank you for reading our Crazy ATM Scam review!! Hope to see you next time!!

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