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Today we are going to review a very interesting and innovative system that might be the next hit in binary options. The Crunch Tech software is a fully automated software that will help you generate profitable signals with 85 percent ITM ratio. This can be a great tool to generate a stable income in binary options but this could also be another convoluted scam that will leave your hands empty. That is why Patrol has done an extensive investigation on this software but do not worry, Crunch Tech is not in any way a scam but please read our full software review to be aware of all the necessary details when trading with this specific system.

Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery, the owners of Crunch Tech are probably the most transparent folks you will ever meet in this industry. Many trading services promise millions of dollars to their victims when they clearly don’t live up to such false promises. Why? Because it can’t be done, this might be online trading but it still involves the complicated markets and all it’s difficult analysis. That is why they clearly state that this will not make you a millionaire overnight, what the can do is provide you a decent amount of signals with 85 percent ITM. A performance rate that is definitely possible and in no way out of this world, it might not be the highest but you can surely make outstanding profits with such percentage. But the real key component that makes the app successful is the software itself, what Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery implemented in this auto trader is something remarkable that you need to understand.

Why Crunch Tech is a good option for you

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Average binary options scams tend to have a very similar characteristic, lack of value and information. What we have here is legit and something that actually tells us how it works. Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery have gone to great trouble to create one of the most consisting systems in the market, they’ve spent a lot of time and money into making this project a dream come true. Combining a completely new kind of technology to modern-day trading was no easy task, but with the help of developers and a focus mindset to help other traders, it was achieved. What makes this Crunch Tech unique is the technology behind it and how it generates consistent winning signals on a daily basis. You see, most trading softwares out there just rely on pure technical analysis, the old stuff… Chart Patterns, Indicators and old fashion techniques that don’t really translate well to automated trading. Patrol is not insinuating in any way that technical analysis is a bad method to study the markets but just saying that it takes a lot more effort to master and that not a lot of services know how to use it properly.

This year a lot of services have been launching auto traders that have no real potential on many one significant or noticeable profits. Crunch Tech here is generating earnings to it’s members and we’re glad that it’s actually confirmed by real traders. We’ve received various emails stating they’ve been able to grow their account much faster and safer than any other trading system out there. is already getting good reviews on the most trusted and well-known channels in the industry, many call it simple and straightforward. This is all thanks to the dedicated work of Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery, their achievable creation was able to survive the everyday markets because they knew what kind of goals can be achieved in binary options trading. If a software developer has in mind that he is able to create an auto trader with 95 or 100 percent ITM, he or she will fail for their rest of their lives since it can’t be done. You can ask any professional or experienced trader, they will confirm that it simply can’t be done, the markets are way too complex and are changing everyday.

But thanks to the work of the intelligent developers, Crunch Tech Software is capable of working every trading day with good performance. That’s all thanks to the patented technology in which they combine weather and basic trading fundamentals. They merge those together and make a solid algorithm that takes both fundamental and technical analysis, it might seem simple but creating the actual algorithms involves a lot of testing and experiments.

How to register correctly and sync the app to you

  1. Clear all your cookies to prevent any technical issues when registering! (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL)
  2. Go to their registering site by clicking
  3. Fill in your information to register successfully to your account name.
  1. Start receiving signals from Crunch Tech and Profit!

Overall Summary of the Crunch Tech Review

  • Transparent review results that make the software work efficiently and consistently.
  • Both Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery are trusted individuals who have plenty of experience and knowledge of the binary options markets.
  • No scam tactics are found on their website, zero purchased testimonials, no fake screenshots or malware presented
  • Their trading performance maintain over 83 percent.
  • Positive endorsements through out whole trading community.
  • Costumer support found at

Conclusion on the Crunch Tech Review

This trading service has shown no signs of shady activity, their team of developers know what they are doing and the software itself is composed out of real trading algorithms that have been tested for many years. We can’t really think of anything negative, this is a great option for those rookie traders who are just begging to trade and need help with generating a decent amount of winning signals. The trading platform is easily handled by any beginner so using it will not be a problem. is also updated every week with new algorithms to this trading software always maintains its high performance.

Final Verdict Review: Crunch Tech is not a SCAM!

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  1. very simple to handle, I was worried that it might get complicated since I’m a beginner but it was hassle free! 10/12 right now!!

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