Dollars All Day is a SCAM!!

Dollars All Day is a newly launched auto trader that we will be reviewing today, lots of questions and emails has been sent to us regarding this trading software. The name itself can already give you an idea of what it’s all about, this  Dollars All Day app is a semi auto-trader that takes calls or puts based on it’s “algorithm’. But before you get all hyped up about this binary options software, we strongly recommend you to read our entire review because our thoughts on this Dollars All Day are quite negative. Due to the lack of originality and same spammy tactics that their website uses, we believe that this is just another money-making scheme waiting for you to try out their software and lose your whole investment.

Vito Nolan, the person behind is claiming that his trading app is a unique trading bot that will earn you thousands of dollars without any real efforts. He says that he spent many years developing this software and now he suddenly wants to give it to you for free!! At least that’s what he wants you think, this auto trader is simply designed to lose your money, they way it’s structured and how the deceptive tactics are in place can already tells us how this software will perform once it arrives in the hand of traders.

Dollars All Day is a SCAM!!

Vito Nolan has shared a very sad story about his troubled financial life, we think that the only sad part about that is that he really thinks Patrol would fall for such non sense. This is just another sales tactic to make you feel like you care about him or have a connection with him. We’ve seen people lie and make fake promises to God for as low as 5 dollars so please don’t fall for such a deceitful story. This Vito Nolan says that his tripled and quadrupled his money to 1.2 millions dollars in one month which is something completely impossible in binary options because no trader out there has such trading abilities to predict the market so well.

The Dollars All Day software is supposedly generating 97.6% in the money trades which is something completely absurd because it’s simply not possible in the long term aspect. You can ask and verify any professional and experienced trader that such results are unreal when it comes to trading binary options. The trading app also has a very faulty and manipulative widget, you can see bellow their promotional video a countdown. When that countdown ends, the  Dollars All Day scam offer is supposed to end and close doors. We can reassure you that if you let time go by and let the 14 minutes pass, you will still see the offer!! Just refresh the page and watch how the offer is still there and the countdown still on 15 minutes.

Dollars All Day and Vito Nolan are a SCAM!!

We’ve seen thousand of scams and money making schemes in the binary options industry, received hundreds of emails telling us that they’ve been scammed with the common scams like the Dollars All Day Scam. Vito Nolan does not exist and has no connections to a technology company. We did a full background check on this Vito Nolan and didn’t found in any activity in trading or binary options. Are you going to trust some random fool that says he’s a millionaire and doesn’t have any real evidence to back it up! Vito Nolan even failed to mention how his revolutionary software is going to determine profitable trades. We can’t take your words for it!! Prove it to us and all traders that your system is actually based on a real trading algorithms.

Dollars All Day is a dangerous SCAM!!

Our final verdict will still stand!! The Dollars All Day app is a Scam and so is Vito Nolan, Both failed to mention any real legitimacy to the software and poorly explained how it actually works, we can guarantee you  that if you decided to invest in this fraudulent trading software, you will lose your entire investment!! Remember to read our recommended list of signals for trustworthy binary options services, keep on practicing on your demo account if you decided to trade on your own but it’s always best to stay safe. Thank you for reading our Dollars All Day software review!!

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