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Do not trust Greg Hardman, after watching his 1 hour sales video in which he tries to convince you that he is not a scammer and that he will help you because he’s “a good person”. We’ve discovered that the Disrupt Trading Scam is nothing but a very convoluted fraud that will leave your pockets empty! Many shady tricks were found in the actual software therefore we advise every visitor to read our entire Disrupt Trading review to be aware of all the details in regards the site. You thought that this was your ticket to financial freedom but this is actually the worst nightmare any trader could ever dream off.

Let’s go over some basic keypoints that one should have asked when joining such service, why should I trust my money to a stranger aka Greg Hardman when we barely even know him. Are you seriously going to believe someone out there just because he said he was a Wall Street trader? We can even say that we studied at Nasa for two years but are you going to believe us because we said so? Of course not then why would any person take seriously anything he states or guarantees about the  Disrupt Trading Software. There are no credentials to his name, no trader in the binary options world have ever heard of his name or accomplishments. Zero social media accounts, no certificates, Nada! Everything he says cannot be proven with any real evidence and you can’t trust no one without it. This is an industry where an average of 30 scams are launch a day, you cannot take risk with the system.

Disrupt Trading and it’s bad qualities

 Disrupt Trading
Software Scam Review

And just when you think we are done with the negative comments on this system, here’s more. There is a list of feedback on the lower side of their home page where you will see many “members” generate staggering results with the Disrupt Trading scam. Here’s the catch! None of those testimonials given by such beta testers are real! How do we know this? Because if you take a closer look at Molly Pearson from England, you’ll see that this is a copied image from the  internet. If you do a google search on the her profile picture, you’ll be met with nearly 9 different page results showing the same photo which obviously means that it’s not Molly Pearson but a random girl whose pictures is used on the internet. Greg Hardman is making self made testimonials to trick traders into thinking that this auto trader can make such trading results. Why? It’s simple, his trading software simply does not work and he needs a conversion boost in his sales page to increase sales. What kind of conversion boost does he need? Testimonials! That’s why he puts them in there.

But if Disrupt Trading is such a powerful app and a consistent software, Why on earth would there be the need to apply such shameful tactics?! Because this auto trader does not integrate any working algorithms that generate quality signals. In order to achieve such algorithms one has to make lots of time dedicating and modifying the software for better performance, that would require millions of dollars and we highly doubt it that the team of developers would spend such amount since they are too cheap to buy profile pictures so they copy them for the internet. This practice leads to one conclusion, members and users of the service are not happy therefore they do not send their real testimonial of approval.

Greg Hardman and his real promise

He guaranteed nearly 150,000 dollars in just 10 days, funny thing is that a large sum of victims are complaining on forums that this app is indeed decreasing their account instead of increasing it. Results like 3/14 and 2/9 trades are seen on the commentaries and this is not at all surprising since their technology company didn’t spend a single dollar on real and tested algorithms. Even though the introduction video is 1 hour long, Greg Hardman fails miserably at mentioning any details on how Disrupt Trading makes such consistent trading results, the key is not making 500 winning signals a day but it’s about making that result consistent! That’s what most auto traders failed to do, stay consistent! That’s why this software is not profitable, no research or time was invested because the pure purpose of such product is to scam you hard!

Short Analysis of the Disrupt Trading Scam

  • No customer service, shows their lack of care they have towards their members.
  • Fake results in which they try to manipulate visitors into thinking that this system will make you a millionaire when it’s really going to leave you in debt.
  • Lacks real evidence and details on the actual software, the whole video is just about convincing you on why you should try such bogus system but no clues are given on how the system works.
  • A very illogical explanation is given on crashes on the financial markets, makes no sense and is quite redundant.

Verdict of the Disrupt Trading Review

Disrupt Trading Scam Software

There’s nothing unique in this app, nothing worth trying out for and it’s better to go with a more establish software than this garbage here. The owner is not found anywhere, their marketing is misleading and faul, performance is dreadful and transparency is at an absolute low. Please be reminded that we only based our opinions on information found on the website itself and feedback from our subscribers. The final conclusion is stay away from the scam.

Now, in case you are searching for something legit and fully-working, please have a look at Binadroid. It uses a very simple and user-friendly platform in which any rookie trader can trade with, the algorithms are constantly updated for optimize performance and is positively review by the biggest trading channels in the industry. Feel free to check that out and thank you for reading our Disrupt Trading Review.

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