Dow Jones Focus Group Review! Honest Opinion!!

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Today we are reviewing a very famous trading system that many of our traders have asked us to review, The Dow Jones Focus Group, aka The Equinox software is a fully functional trading software that generates trades when specific trading patterns form. There is a big confusion regarding if the Equinox Software is a legit system, we have reviewed probably hundreds of binary options scams in the past and this isn’t your ordinary auto-trader. This is actually one of the most straight forward signals services we’ve seen so far, the Dow Jones Focus Group is actually a very simple and straight forward signals service that generates substantial profits!!

The Equinox Software is at a beta testing phase where Jeffrey Richards, the project head manager is assigned to create a focus group of only 90 people, he then has to evaluate if this trading software is good enough to trader’s standards. The thing that we really liked about Jeffrey Richards is that he does not promise to transform you into millionaires overnight, we’re glad to hear that someone actually spits the truth about trading softwares because they will not make you a Bill Gates without any efforts. But what the Dow Jones Focus Group will do is to generate good profits with an ITM Rate from 78 to 81 percent. Such results were generated by the leading analyst of the Dow Jones Stock Market Index, a very trusted source that we fully support.

Does the Equinox software really work?

Jeffrey Richards from Dow Jones Focus Group is a legitimate person!!

Yes!! Jeffrey Richards is telling the truth, the Dow Jones Focus Group is a legitimate signals community in which you can very much profit like any other professional would do. This auto-trader is endorsed by many authority websites, traders are loving it and we have not received a single negative comment about them. The reason for that is due to the very well designed algorithms that the market analyst implemented, not some hocus pocus or fraudulent gimmick software, this system generates signals based on real trading setups, it uses chart patterns, technical analysis and many more techniques in order to provide sufficient in the money trades.

Live trading on the Equinox Software

On the website, there are no deceptive tactics like most binary options scams have, Jeffrey Richards has actually became a very trusted source after the release of the Equinox Software, we like to thank him for actually presenting a pitch video that actually makes sense, most money making schemes out there just ramble on and on about how much money they made with it but states no real conclusions on how and why their trading system works. The great feature that Jeffrey Richard mentioned was that the Equinox Software is an easy to point click software, which means any beginner or experienced trader can be manipulate this auto-trader very well.

Can the Dow Jones Focus Group be trusted??

This was a very important thought that traders asked us, the website is not only recommended by binary options sites but enormous and establish sites like CNN and Business Insiders also recommends them. Patrol is pretty sure that no trusted site like them are going to recommend the Dow Jones Focus Group if it doesn’t make any profits. So it’s a huge thumbs up for having such well known sites to recommend them.

Equinox Software Results

This Auto Trader ranges from good to excellent in terms of performance, there is no define percentage but it mostly ranges from 78 to 81 percent. That’s due to the constant market changes and we all know how tough the markets can be, the equinox live trading videos shows very good results, so if your worried about performance, it’s not going to be an issue.

How to successfully register with Dow Jones Focus Group

  1. Clear your Cookies
  2. Go to
  3. Fill out your information correctly
  4. Start Trading
  5. Withdrawal once you reach your desire account balance
  6. Remember, only 90 spots will be available for now!!

Conclusion on the Dow Jones Focus Group ReviewDow Jones Focus Group and the Equinox Software are not a SCAM!!

We have no reasons to make this review into a negative one, we’ve blacklisted many other scams recently but this is not one of them. We always take our scam reviews very seriously so before any conclusions were made. The common characteristic that most binary options scam have is that they always offer the same thing, fast money, no real efforts and the “lifestyle you always wanted” But don’t get us wrong, you can seriously make amazing earnings with this auto-trader but you are not going to be buying a Lamborghini at the end of your first trading week.

If you ever have any more questions, Jeffrey Richards has provided great customer support at, just sent them an email and you should get a response the very next day. So in short words, the Equinox Software is not a scam and we definitely recommend you to try them as a signal service. Remember to trade with regulated brokers that will keep your money safe, our favorite pick and the broker that we personally use is StockPair. Please visit them and see if you like them, Just trade safe and Good Luck!!


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  1. Thanks for this great review! I wasn’t sure about this until I read your article. I am going to give it a try. Glad I came across your website.

  2. I made 377 dollars this morning but was not able to continue due to my illness, will keep you updated on the Equinox Software!!

  3. Had to try this after so many positive reviews. Happy to report this system is a real profit machine! My account is up over $600 in a little over a month and I could not be happier with the Dow Jones Focus Group. Great review Binary Options Patrol. Thanks to you and to Equinox Software for the great product!

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