Drexel Code Review

Drexelcode.com Scam Review

Patrol has come by hundreds of frauds in the last 2 years, but nothing has been this dangerous as the Drexel Code Scam. One might think that they are the key to trading successfully but if you look pass their deceptive lies, you fill find out their true manipulative identity. We believe the Drexelcode.com site has a fraudulent scheme to empty trader’s wallet, we have gather sufficient proof from forums and comments that this is in fact a binary options scam. Please read our Drexel Code Review thoroughly because this might save yours and your colleague’s hard earned money. Cory Drexel is not the person you think he is!

Let’s begin with Cory Drexel first, this person might come as a genuine individual but the thing is that nobody in the investing industry is aware of him. Drexelcode.com endorses this person as a previous Wall Street Investor but no connections are made with him ever been a trader. He has no social media accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Nada! A person this wealthy and “well-known” must have some kind of online platform in which he interacts with other traders but since he’s not a real trader, no real connections are really established.

Drexel Code Scam Review

We do have to admit that the Drexel Code Scam has a very good production value, they wear sweaters with their companies logo, Supersized Checks and ride along trips. All these tricks might come as a professional atmosphere but here’s the interesting part about the Drexelcode.com System, there is no such company!! There is not a single shred of evidence that they actually have an office dedicated to this Drexelcode.com software, their so called “Team of engineers” are practically ghosts, none of their names are on any register book. To sum it in a few words, Drexel Code and Cory Drexel are not registered companies, there is not provable evidence that they are an authorized Technology company!

More shady tactics used in their trading system!

Review System
Cory Drexel can’t be trusted! Review Scam

But that’s not all, the Drexelcode.com system uses edited trading results to falsely advertise testimonials that are not real. Cory Drexel uses profile pictures from random people on the internet and copy it to the their Home Page to showcase good results that are not legitimate. On the photo above, this young lady has never made a single cent with their trading software, she’s just somebody on the internet that Mr.Drexel found. If you were to do an image search on that girl, 8 different search results with the same girl would appear. Confirming that she’s just a girl with her photo online and this system been deceitful. This practice is common in many money-making schemes, such actions are acquired to raise the percentage of you signing up so they have more possibilities of scamming you.

But the consistent lies don’t stop there, according to the review given by their spokesman, this trading software has been tweaked, modified and updated for many years to achieve great “success”. Which obviously is insinuating that they are not new to this trading game and have been around for a very long time. Well, according to whois.netthe Drexelcode.com domain was register on March 4, 2016. Another clue that it’s not established and aged, which again shows you how manipulative the Drexel Code System is and how desperate they are to steal your hard-earned money.

Performance given by the Drexel Code Software is garbage!

Remember in their performance review where they mention this has 100% ITM Rate? This is another false statement because this software is nowhere close to generating such trading results. When people claimed that such signals service or software has a hundred percent success rate, they are pretty much promising that they’ve found the Holy Grail in investing. Any experienced trader can promise and guarantee you that Drexelcode.com is saying crap! It’s impossible to predict the complex markets without a single loss, it simply does not happen. If it was true, everybody in the entire world would be trading binary options but it’s not like that, this is just another clever marketing tactic that the Drexelcode.com scam uses to lure you into their bogus system.

Notice how are our scam review is based mostly on the actual content provided by the Drexel Code software. Well, let’s take a look at people’s opinion and feedback on this “once in a lifetime opportunity”. Traders on forums are saying that this software is making from 66 to 68 percent ITM which is far off from what their welcome page promised. This is due to it’s unbelievably bad incorporated algorithm that fails to make consistent results which cause many traders to end up even or in the red zone. This shows that their team of super intelligent software designers are full of dumb ideas. Clearly they don’t know how to create a profitable system because in order to make one, you need real effort and money to achieve it.

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Highlights of Cory Drexel and the many failures of this software.

  • The Drexel Code System is full of manipulative tactics, fake results and promises that simply can’t be done in real trading.
  • Cory Drexel and his company are nowhere to be recognized in any authority website.
  • This system is in fact blacklisted in countless blogs for it’s crappy performance.
  • Trading results are not consistent and rather low in success rate which is making many traders lose their money.
  • Drexelcode.com Scam Review found on DailyHasting makes not acknowledgment of these discoveries which lead us to believe they are also part of this fraudulent pyramid scheme.
  • The Support@drexelcode.com email address is really not customer service but just another way of harassing you to sign up with them.
  • General Idea of the Drexelcode.com system review, Cory Drexel is just a filthy Liar!

Final Conclusion on the Drexel Code Review

Drexel Code
Verdict on the Drexelcode.com Review

The Drexel Code System has shown too many signs of been a darn right scam, we are not taking any chances. Their ways of promoting themselves can change but in the mean time, our final words will stay the same. Drexelcode.com is a SCAM!! There are no other words for it, this software has shown every unwanted characteristic a system could ever have, don’t risk your money while there are plenty of safer alternative you can  go with.

You can try the Copy Buffett Systeman honest service that actually lives to their statements. It’s our most transparent recommendation and is trader’s favorite of 2016. It uses real methods to analyse the markets which involves Candlestick Patterns and Technical Analysis. It’s still performing quite well so please feel free to check them out. Thank you for reading our Drexel Code Scam Review and Good luck!

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  1. I put in $500 and was supposed to get a$500 bonus! Then I was to get 5 free trades! None of this happened and this drexeltrader lost all but $23 and could not make any more trades because the trading limit is $25 I guess I can call this Cory Drexel a liar and a cheat! I don’t want you to just give your money away to this scam artist!

  2. I had similar results as the person above, I wonder what they do with the earnings, spend it that stupid I know.

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