Einstein Method Review! What a STUPID SCAM!

We’ve encounter many unconvincing  binary options scams in the past but the Einstein Method has to be the stupidest money-making scheme we’ve ever encounter. Apparently, many traders are visiting the einsteinprofits.com website and are falling in to the deceptive words that Dale Dominic and his group of crooks are engaging. This Einstein Method Review is not going to be positive due to the large amount of deceptive and misleading information found on the einsteinprofits.com site. What if we told you that everything that Dale Dominic has claimed are lies that serve the purpose of only deceiving you into using his low performance trading software.  Please continue to read this scam review for further details.

In einsteinprofits.com, you can witness a very poorly designed welcome page that has an introduction video where a testimonial is played right when the video starts. That individual says that he’s generated 3,000 dollars a day with the Einstein Method software, that is a complete lie since he’s a Fiverr actor that was hired to act a given script for five dollars. That’s right! It only costs 5 dollars to purchase a fake review from the internet and you can visit the online marketplace to see it for yourself! The concerning question one has to ask themselves is why would the Einstein Method Scam buy reviews if they are generating so much profits? The simple answer is that the trading software that Dale Dominic has created does not work! If it really generated all those winning signals, there wouldn’t be the need for such actions.

Does the Einstein Method really work?

The Einstein Method uses fake testimonials

All the evidence contradicts what Dale Dominic says, traders around the world are reporting big losses with the The Einstein Method Scam. There’s no better proof than real feedback from traders that are actually using the trading software. None of the testimonials that were reproduced in the pitch video were real. That’s what Dale Dominic wants to imply in people’s mind, that it works but what it really does is wipe out your account in a matter of hours. It’s a common binary options scam that surfaces with a new silly name. The Einstein Method Scam has nothing to do with the brilliant scientist we know, this crooks just want to capitalize on something that might appear sophisticated.

If you look closely on the einsteinprofits.com site, a couple of security badges are displayed to indicate some sort of endorsement and safety. Patrol might of congratulate them for that but the widgets badges are not clickable and don’t redirect to a real page. Which means that they only copy and pasted those images into their website. In an obvious conclusion, Dale Dominic also fake those badges and replicated from other websites images to manipulate traders even more. It’s really sad and stupid that Dale Dominic would consider such actions when legitimate trading softwares avoid this tactics at all cost. Looks like the Einstein Method Scam is really careless and doesn’t give two damns about trader’s money.

Einstein Method Results

The Einstein Method is full of lies!

Since most binary options traders are commenting that it’s wiping their account balances, we can imagine that the trading system has around 55 to 60 percent in the money win rate. A performance that is not profitable and will rather burn you bank accounts until there’s nothing left. The trading software’s results reflect on all the bad qualities that the owners put into this, there’s a saying that says “If you plant apple seeds, you’ll get apples but if you plant a rotten tomato, you will get rotten tomatoes” The saying that doesn’t say those exact words bu you understand what we’re saying. If you put no efforts and dedication the system’s algorithm, the only thing it will generate is bad signals, much more like the Einstein Method Results.

Summary of the Einstein Method Review

  • Not a good performing system ( It generates from 55 to 60 percent ITM)
  • Lack of information relating to the algorithm that generates such signals
  • Dale Dominic purchases fake reviews to attract trader’s attention and steal their money
  • No real explanation on how it works but rather uses silly stories that don’t make any sense
  • the Einstein Method is a Scam! It does not work
  • support@einsteinprofits.com is not responding to trader’s queries!!

Conclusion on the Einstein Method Review

The Einstein Method is a SCAM!

Dale Dominic is a deceptive individual that should be put behind bars, nothing on the einsteinprofits.com website is legitimate, everything is ether purchased or fake. We recommend you to stay away from this product in order to prevent any losses, this auto-trader has caused nothing but wiped account’s to countless of traders in binary options industry. We repeat again, this trading software is a Scam!! Please be cautious of anything that Dale Dominic promotes.

If you’re a truly searching for legitimate and trustworthy signals generator, Check out Citidel LTD, a recommended and transparent trading system that has remained loyal to their traders with good results and free webinars. Thank you for reading our scam review and good luck!!

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  1. Yes I do think it is a scam,I register with them 3 weeks ago
    They said they call back with 24 hours. Yeah right I have left messages no reply

    Now one unhappy person. .

    1. We are very sorry to hear that, you can always check out Mike’s Auto Trader, traders are reporting great success and it’s one of the most trusted systems there are right now. Just don’t fall for those get rich quick systems!!

    2. they are indeed a scam, remember that you can visit our Recommended Signals Page for safer alternatives, just avoid future scams like this!

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