Escape The Rat Race is the key to Failure!

Scam Review
Escape The Rat Race Scam Review

This auto trader might looked like the formula to a successful trading career but this is far from been a good system so please don’t do anything further with the Escape The Rat Race app until you read this warning. Matt Taylor or whatever his real name is might come off as a charismatic individual who’s trying to help you but no, he is actually trying to leave every trader in the industry without any profits. In the Escape The Rat Race review, is going to tell you exactly why everyone out there who’s planning to trade should avoid this, you are going for a surprise so please be ready.

The first thing we were concerned about was the CEO itself, this crook here might fool you with his sugar-coated sentences but we’ve been in this game for too long. The way he constantly repeats how your life is going to change is another one of those sales tactic to get you on board a lot quicker. But back to the main issue, this Matt Taylor presents himself as a millionaire who has made a complete living off binary options trading. Even though there is no solid proof that any of that is true, people still seem to overlook that. We can pay someone to say that they’re a millionaire but that doesn’t mean it is true right? Then why on earth are you possible considering that Matt Taylor is telling the truth about Escape The Rat Race, he could simply be an actor that was paid to lie on camera. This practice is not new to the world of binary options, almost 85 percent of frauds out there do this sort of scam technique, the ones that differentiate themselves from the bogus ones is evidence and believable results. For example, we took at deeper look into Matt Taylor and there are no mentions of him been ever a trader anywhere. No Facebook account or Linked-in profile was ever discovered.  No channel or forum out there have ever heard of such fool before which obviously leads to the conclusion that he is simple a character to be played along the sales script, but that’s not all! The scam still has some magic tricks in hit hat.

A few reasons why the Escape The Rat Race scam won’t work

scam software review
Escape The Rat Race

Now, after all his jibber jabber we still don’t have a clear idea on how this trading software works. He mentions that Escape The Rat Race uses technical analysis to generate better performance but that’ just scraping the surface of a good auto trader. Almost every single trading system uses some sort of indicator to help it generate better results. This does guaranteed that software will be a better performing app, we’ve seen many system use the same type of algorithms but they still don’t generate anything above 65% ITM. This is due to the reason that one simply can’t rely on just one type of trading method, a professional trader must consider as many factors as possible to make the best prediction. That’s why modern and establish trading services have started to combine different types of trading strategies to obtain the best chances of nailing a great performance. But in Matt Taylor’s mind, his “holy grail” system is better than any of the establish services out there. This is incredibly idiotic since this auto has only been launched for a week.

No real testimonials were found verifying such results and the only hint you get that it “might” work are some lame reviews found on their own page insinuating that they’ve made a lot of money. You can google those profile pictures and you’ll be met with hundreds of different page results showing that it’s not the only photo out there. That photo has been used by hundreds of websites for their own commercial use, Patrol can even download that picture and put as a profile picture because it’s copyright free. Escape The Rat Race had not shown any signs of true legitimacy whatsoever, the guy just speaks and repeats garbage but no real insight of the software is actually demonstrated. He didn’t even show us how the system works, no pictures of the actual platform is shown. Maybe he doesn’t realize it yet but not everyone can easily manipulate the computer, elders tend to also work from home and they might find it difficult to configure the settings and whatnot. does not perform well

We are not critics but we of course can’t invest our money every time a single product is launched, that’s why we do deep investigations before we make any assumptions, even if the system/services looks 100% a scam, we still do the research before we say or do anything. So, Escape The Rat Race hasn’t shared anything unique or valuable worth mentioning but are the results any good? NO! Many comments on forums have stated that they’ve lost their entire account in less than 4 days of trading. Some even say that it doesn’t generate more than 9 signals a day, overall the comments made on this scam software were relatively negative. We are not surprise since the indications that gave were scammy but nevertheless, this system does not deliver good trading results!

Conclusion on the Escape The Rat Race Review

scam software review
Matt Taylor scam software review

There are not of actual content provided within the homepage, just the typical sales structure based content. The overall production value is somewhat high, we cannot deny it. Renting that luxurious car and actor doesn’t come cheap but please keep in mind that this type of scams generate way more than a couple of thousand dollars. This industry is filled with them and binary options traders are constantly falling for those, especially newbies in the industry. That’s why we have to state that system is a SCAM!

Now, if you are really looking for a system that works and functions the correct way. Please take a look at Binadroid, there are positive endorsements from the biggest channel in the industry and traders love it for the simplicity and effectiveness that this trading software provides. Our subscribers are really enjoying how the results are consisting and how they don’t have to worry about paying monthly subscriptions. Please check it out if you’re interested but in the mean time, trade safe and thank you for reading our Escape The Rat Race Review.

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