EUxit is a Fraudulent SCAM!

EUxit Review

We have found yet another trading system that will probably fail to generate the results they’ve been promising, even though you are shocked to hear this about EUxit, we’ve been aware from the very start that this is just your common money making scheme. David McNeal, apparently the owner and representative of says that if you really want to take advantage of this event and not get financially destroyed by it, you should join his service and do exactly as he says. Patrol is here to warn and tell every rookie investor to completely avoid him and anything he promotes because we have found evidence that this is all lies and rather a convoluted plan to leave your wallets empty! Pay close attention to our EUxit review because this might save your money from been lost forever.

First of all, there is zero to no information about EUxit, Mr. David McNeal just said a couple of things that you can easily hear in the news, things like this movement is causing a lot of financial damage to a lot of people and so on, but the details on EUxit and what is made out of is completely missing! Not only that but what about the technology company that made the algorithms that create such “amazing” results!? Because surely a superb trading method must be behind the EUxit software to generate 4,000 dollars a day, according to what the members are making. We are not joking, they just give you an overall summary of what they available and the steps to join them, we don’t know if the owner is one of the biggest scam artist in the industry, no real background is shown so it’s almost impossible to trust him since the only proof that there is available comes from his own mouth and that’s not good enough!

The key reason why you should avoid the Euxit System!

EUxit Software Review
EUxit Software Review

Now, the overall plot and theory that they want to capitalize on EUxit is this Brexit movement of course, we all know that this is something that is happening and affecting many people. The problem we have with the EUxit scam is that it manipulates such information to make it look like it’s targeted to help you during this financial event when in reality, it’s just going to hurt your bank account and leave you with nothing but a big fat zero. First clue was that David McNeal completely ignored the part where he is supposed to show us the EUxit software and the abilities of it, even though he might sound convincing and hear warming, may we remind our readers that there are hundreds of scams out there that are willing to do and say anything for your hard earned money. Just simply search “binary options scams” on the internet and you will find yourself with tons of scams that look identical to this one, but what differentiate frauds from the legit & transparent services are how they present themselves and how they really perform. Usually, transparent and consistent services tend to spend 95% of their sales video to actually demonstrate how the app works and what method it uses, but this EUxit completely skips that and just says sugar-coated statements to fool you into believing him.

We don’t know if EUxit uses technical or fundamental analysis to predict upcoming patterns, does it integrate market sentiment in any way possible? Nothing! For all we know, the codes that are programmed with the EUxit scam are just for appearance rather than functionality, every experienced trader knows that in order to be successful in trading, one must use proven methods like reading charts or translating financial events, but since this crook completely fail to explain that, it just proves that they rather focus on getting more customers that actually providing real insight on how traders can actually profit from the complex markets. Third discovery that pretty much told us that this is a certified scam is that the so called David McNeal trader that so desperately wants to help us because he’s a “good” person is actually an actor that has been used in MULTIPLE online schemes in the past, his name is hanoi66 and you can order his gigs yourself and make him say anything you want for as low as 10 dollars, indicating that everything he has promised and guaranteed about are all lies!

Real functions of the David McNeal software

When trying to research the true performance of EUxit, nothing on their website could really be found besides the idiotic and cheap testimonials from the “users”. Well, they are not actually active members of this site since “William Stone”, one of the people that supposedly made over 100,000 dollars (found on the second page of is actually nothing more than a random picture from the internet, if track down his profile picture on Google, you will see various search results that show this gentlemen with different identities that means that anyone can grab his photo and do whatever they feel like with it, meaning that every review & testimonial found on the EUxit site are all unauthentic! Seems like everything they try to do is manipulate and fool us with false information, clear signs and characteristics of a binary options scam!

End of the EUxit Review

EUxit Scam System
EUxit Scam System

There’s pretty much nothing more we can discuss about, the overall production value of this company is very low and we highly doubt any real money was put into this, there are literally 50 better fraudulent offers we can think off that do a better job than this, Patrol tried to give it a chance but there’s seriously nothing worth recommending for, there are much better options that are well establish and you simply don’t have to take the risk with this newly launched trading system. Final verdict: EUxit is a SCAM!

In our opinion, you are much better off with services that don’t lie to your face and feed you unrealistic results, a good example would be CopyBuffet. This does implement real and proven trading methods that have been approved by the best trading channels and blogs in the industry, their overall interface aka Platform is very simple to handle so no matter what level you are at, you can still use it with no problems. They also offer 24/7 customer support so questions and difficulties will always be solved on time! Please visit them for more information and thank you for reading our EUxit Review!!

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