First Class Profits is a SCAM!!

Today we are reviewing the trading software. Now, from the first look at their website we were able to tell that it was poorly designed and developed. You would expect from a legitimate and professional auto trader like First Class Profits to have a well constructed and user-friendly welcome page. Instead, we found the ordinary dodgy widgets we find in most binary options scamsWe are of course not going to declare this trading software a scam based on the looks of their website but the more you look into it, the more you will be surprised of how many fraudulent content the First Class Profits has.

In their promotional video, Mike Taylor who is the person behind First Class Profits starts with a very intriguing offer. He says that if the First Class Profits software fails to generate you over $10,000, Mike Taylor will “promise” to wire you 25,000 dollars. We find it very unlikely that such person will give such a high amount of money to a person who’s buying their trading software. This is just another sales tactic to make you feel safer and more willing to buy their fraudulent software.

First Class Profits trading software is a SCAM, Mike Taylor is a SCAM ARTIST!!

We also found no back up data or information on how their auto trader functions. It would be reasonable if they would explain how the algorithms are supposed to generate 98.9 percent since most trading softwares and traders can’t even pull off such outstanding results. Mike Taylor didn’t convince us with all his pep talk and non sense because he never properly explain the system or strategy the software’s algorithm has incorporated. First Class Profits is not only avoiding to explain to us the real mechanism behind this software but also found that they display fake and unreal badges from Forbes, Technorati and Huff Post. We highly doubt that such low quality website would be endorsed by such authority websites.

Patrol did a background check on the testimonials from First Class Profits software and discovered that the reviews were bought from Fiverr. Yes, every word out of those people were pay off to lie on camera. The famous Banjoman15 has appeared in multiple binary options scams like generatecashbiz. Why would First Class Profits purchased fake reviews if their trading software works so well? There’s nothing to hide if such results were true but they have to purchase them since First Class Profits is a scam. It doesn’t work!! No auto trader out there is going to generate you thousands of dollars a day, only money making schemes like this offer such preposterous results!!

First Class Profits doesn't work, fake results and screenshots

 If you really believe the screenshots are real then you’re mistaken because those easily made with Photoshop. Not only are the ITMs fake but generating such results like 9 winning trades is darn right impossible, you can ask any experience trader that when it comes to trading binary options, results like this are just impossible!! Maybe 78 or 89 is more believable but this is just absurd. Mike Taylor is not even a real person we can verify, Patrol did a full background check on his name and found information on him working with tech companies that develop real auto traders.

For all we know this could be a guy who’s just here to steal your money. The First Class Profits software is not bringing in any legitimate facts to our knowledge, no real people that can verily it’s results since the one’s on their page are fake, no mention of their technology companies and a tremendous lack of information of how this auto-trader really works. From our perceptive, we find no credible and reliable material on their page, the information given to us by Mike Taylor is  false since their facts are not back up and the testimonials are purchased.

First Class Profits is a Scam, read this scam review !!

We forget to mention that all, and by all we mean every single review and testimonial is also bought or just retrieved from the search engines, are you really going to trust your hard earned money to such trading software that buys lies and doesn’t offer any legitimacy. Our final verdict will remain, First Class Profits is a SCAM and we highly recommend traders to stay away from this auto trader unless you want your pockets to be empty by Mike Taylor.

If your looking for a reliable trading software that actually deliver good results, you can check out a true-tested software like the VirtNextDon’t go with binary options scams like this, you deserve better and we are trying our best to offer you the best road to success in trading profitable. Please take a look at our binary options scam list to be aware on all deceptive scams like the First Class Profits. Thank your for reading our First Class Profits review and we hope to see you next time!!

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