Free Money Guaranteed by Bobby Anderson is SH*T!

Free Money Guaranteed
Software Review

So, why is the so-called Free Money Guaranteed Software a scam? According to their review, this system is by far the most profitable system in the market, Bobby Anderson assures you that there is nothing like it and if you use his supposed “Holy Grail” system, you will be a millionaire. would like to clarify that this is a lie and we’re confident that if you invest your cash in this software, you will suffer a great loss of capital. That’s why we urge every visitor to read our Free Money Guaranteed review because it can save you from making the worst mistake of your life. Bobby Anderson will surprise you once we’re done exposing him!

This fool is first of all a complete stranger to the world of binary options, Bobby Anderson has no credentials to his name or his system. A famous and wealthy person like him is imminent to social recognition even though we did an extensive research on his persona and found no information on him. No Twitter or LinkedIn profile was ever discovered which raises a lot of red flags and indications that he is not the person you think he is! Like really, are you seriously going to take someone serious when their slapping their “wife” on the butt and smirking at the camera like he knows everything. Looks and feels exactly like the previous scam artist we’ve encounter and this is by far the least of the problems we found on their Free Money Guaranteed App.

Why this system won’t work as you think!

Free Money Guaranteed Performance
Scam Review

Well, besides the endless amounts of negative reviews on the system, you can’t help to notice that he never mentioned anything about the actual software. He only keeps on promising and showing you luxury staff so you can be impressed and somehow more interest in what he has to offer. For starters, he promises 100,000 dollars to anyone who didn’t get their money’s worth if they try the system. Now please think about that wisely, do you really think someone is just going to give you 100K just like that? No and he probably says it to get you on board a lot quicker. There is no reassurance that such payment is going to be made, that idiotic image where it says it’s all legit and real is nothing but a photoshopped picture insinuating that such action would be taken. It will not happen so don’t get your hopes up with what Bobby Anderson offers.


The Free Money Guaranteed Scam show cases various testimonials also in which they show gratitude of what the app has done for them but that’s also fake! If you were to pay a visit to, you would encounter endless actors who do testimonials for as low as 10 bucks!! Therefore anything that those “beta-testers’ say is pretty much unreliable. Bobby Anderson also said that a total of 154 traders around the world have become millionaires thanks to his scam, there is also not a single piece of information that could validate such results. Which is very strange because we usually find this in common money-making schemes, they promise a lot but no real proof! How convenient of them but to us traders, we cannot take such risks because in reality this industry is filled with deceitful trading systems that turn out to be bogus, is indeed another of them.

Summary Review of the Software

  • Poor explanation on how the auto trader really works.
  • A large sum of complaints have been made on the dreadful results this auto trader provides.
  • No real evidence that supports anything Bobby Anderson promises.
  • Website looks like it was built in 10 minutes even though the owners and developers of this software are billionaires. (According to their sales video of course)

Real Trading results Review

The so called formula to success that Mr. Bob so much promotes and praises is actually getting extremely bad reports on it’s performance. Remember where he said you’ll be making thousands of dollars a day without any hard efforts or dedication? Well, it’s been proven wrong by real traders and blogs out there, based on the large quantity of comments found on forums and private groups, people are actually generating no more than 61 percent ITM. This kind of trading result will not result in any kind of positive growth on your account, it’s a sure path to an empty account in less than 5 days!

End of the Free Money Guaranteed Scam Review

Free Money Guaranteed Review
Free Money Guaranteed Review

To be honest, you can find at least 12 better scams out there that do a more convincing job that this garbage, we can’t stress enough how bad of a trading software this app is and if there is something we’re positively certain about, is that this system will end your trading career! That’s why our scam review ends here and our final recommendations are, please avoid anything that Free Money Guaranteed provides because it’s bound to be total failure!

But in case that you are actually searching for a legitimate tool to trade binary options, you can try out the Neo2 System which is actually a fully working system that is constantly been updated with new algorithms for optimize performance, traders love it for it’s simplicity and is 2016’s most trusted trading app. Thank you for reading our app Review.

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