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Freedom Circle Scam

So, you might be interested in this Freedom Circle Software due to its very eye-catching promises, of course… who wouldn’t be interested in a service that guarantees a ticket to been a millionaire. Well, we did further investigations on Kyle Stanford and we are very sad to tell you that we found nothing but disappointing discoveries with this trading system. In this Freedom Circle review, Patrol is going to demonstrate and show you why this trading system is completely bogus, this will in no way make your financial status any better, this in fact could leave it in a critical state.

The first suspicious fact that we noticed was that the owner of this scam is nowhere to be found, this person literally just continued to make promises without introducing himself properly. Why should we believe someone who does nothing but say ridiculous statements without any proof? Because he seems like a good person? No! You cannot trust anyone in this industry without any credentials, no Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn account was ever found on this individual. No trusted partner or channel out there has mentioned this fool in the past, we don’t know if this guy has created previous softwares before, for all we know… this gentlemen here can be the biggest scam artist going by different names! In short words, this person here looks like a made up character to play along their sales video and could simply be an actor like most common binary options scams use now a days.

Freedom Circle might not be for you… Actually, it might not be for anyone

scam review
Freedom Circle Review Scam

After thinking that the lies would stop here, we soon found out that the owner/the guy that promised endless amounts of money is actually a fake persona from the internet! How can we possibly know such surprising statement? Because Patrol did an image search on his profile picture (seen on the scam page) and found out that nearly hundreds of different websites used the same photo for commercial uses. Meaning that you can create a fake profile using that same photo without getting copyright issues. Are you still trusting the Freedom Circle Software after being aware that the developers and the team behind this are using a character copied from the internet?

But wait, there are more interesting discoveries to this deceitful service. He then mentions something about finding a supposed “loophole” in the Bank of the Federal Bank of America. A “glitch” that can be exploited and profit it from continuously without ever making any losses, there’s actually no such thing in binary options, this is just some lame theory to make them sound unique and somehow eye catching to the rookie beginners in this industry. Patrol has been reviewing and blacklisting scams for over 3 years now, this is not the first time we hear this absurd theories so please don’t think that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity because Freedom Circle is no such thing. Legit trading systems usually implement real and proven algorithms/methods to best predict market movements but this garbage here barely shows any signs of that.

What’s the performance of Freedom Circle

Well, we have pretty much trashed talk this software a lot (but for good reasons) and we have not mentioned the overall ITM performance that it generates. Because after-all, we are in this game to make money, nothing else than that! So if this very shady/lying/low production scheme gives good results, who cares right?  Once again, nothing but crappy discoveries with the scheme. Their in the money results don’t manage to go over 62% which is completely hilarious and embarrassing, not even the current scams out there generate such bad trading results. This information was gathered from forums and blog commentaries by victims stating that they’ve lost their whole broker account within days of turning on the software, things like “3/12 signals were won” and “simply not delivering decent signals” were constantly seen through our investigation for real testimonials.  But…. What about those short videos that claimed they were rich and living the good life thanks to Free Circle Software. Yeah, well those short reviews were done by paid actors from, you can even hire one for yourself for as low as 5 dollars! One of them can be found here,

Biggest Highlights of the system

  • The very own face of this company is a shuttestock picture that anyone can use for commercial purposes.
  • This of course means that anything that Kyle Stanford says are lies and cannot be taken for granted.
  • Has involved paid testimonials in order to manipulate visitors into thinking that this software is profitable or in some way helpful when it’s really just going to swallow up your profits and leave you empty-handed!
  • It does not integrate any real algorithms or strategies that prove to work with the complex markets everyone is dealing with, just some lame theory that does not work at all.

Conclusion on the Freedom Circle Review

Review scam
Freedom Circle Review scam

Everything they’ve shown on the scam site proves to be either fake or paid for, nothing is original nor authentic. Investing in such service would be very dangerous and unwise therefore we advise every reader to stay away from it to prevent any losses and future complications with such software. That’s why our final verdict on this manipulative app is that it can’t be trusted!

If you are indeed searching for something that works and doesn’t lie about its trading results, please take a look at Binadroid 2. This will in fact give a straight up answer on how they generate their believable results, not some lame theory involving a “loophole”. They have been widely recommended by various trading communities and rookies love it for the simplistic interface that it provides. Trusted Channels are quite fond it and is on our top trusted list right now. Please feel free to check that out and thank you for reading our Freedom Circle Review!

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