Global Millionaires Club Review! What a SCAM!!

Global Millionaires Club is a Scam! That’s right, everything that Alexander Wilson has claimed about his successful trading software are lies, there’s not a shred of legitimacy that we found on their auto-trader, it’s in fact very sad to see that traders would fall for such garbage but today it ends, we’ve decided to do an extensive Global Millionaires Club Review for the sake of preventing any more people to fall for this money making scheme because that’s what it really is, an online fraud!! If you are wondering why would such trading software be blacklisted on our site, keep reading our scam review because the details that we will expose will make you regret ever hearing from Alexander Wilson.

First Of All, Alexander Wilson does a poor job on bringing any credibility to our eyes, he sound exactly like the other hundreds of scam artist out there, this is coming from a review service that has exposed hundreds of scams to the binary options community. Everything that he said is sales strategy to pull you into using his worthless trading software. On the Global Millionaires Club Review by Alexander Wilson, he clearly mentions a couple of phrases during the whole presentation pitch, sentences like “easy money” and “Thousands of dollars” are the exact same words we hear in the average scam and if you really think about it, you would know that it’s very shady of him to state that.

Global Millionaires Club Review

Global Millionaires Club does not work!

On the, there are so many dirty tactics implemented, like the common “we’ll run out of copies and you’ll miss your chance” strategy is used, we can guaranteed that after you visit and go for a vacation for 1 complete month, it will still be there saying that it’ll end soon. Although, the welcome page seems very convincing and somewhat professional. The testimonials can easily be photoshopped or copied from another website, there’s no real proof, just pictures can could easily been edited. We’ve seen binary options scams pay for purchased testimonials as low as 5 dollars!! Can you believe that? Testimonials, something that should always be spoken with true are now been offered for as low as 5 dollars. According to Alexander Wilson, this trading software has been developed and tweaked for several years but if you take a look at how old this domain is, it’s only 2 weeks old!!

Not to mention that Alexander Wilson failed to address how it actually works because that little story he made up about him knowing something that no one really knew is complete crap! Profitable trading systems are not anything like this Global Millionaires Club Scam, Full-working and transparent signals services rely on Technical Analysis, Chart Patterns or CandleStick formations, something that is actually analysed with logic and not some strategy that involves someone’s gut. Do you really think Warren Buffet and the other big guys in the investing industry rely on made up excuses? No! They study really hard and apply real life strategies to obtain the best outcome as possible!

Does Global Millionaires Club Scam really work?

Alexander Wilson from Global Millionaires Club is a SCAM!

Absolutely not! Alexander Wilson is a lier, the Global Millionaires Club Scam does not work, he even didn’t have the courage to show his real identity, that supposed picture of him in the website is a profile picture taken from the internet, Patrol did a search on that photo on google and found hundreds of different results. Which means that Alexander Wilson simply copied that photo from another website and used it on to make it appear as if it were him. Such practices are found on the common scam, they take pictures from other websites and use it to manipulate traders into thinking something else.

Global Millionaires Club Results

Since Alexander Wilson is a made up character, we believe that all he said are lies, therefore everything he claimed on the is also false, Patrol has received a large number of complaints saying that it generates 59 on average which it not profitable in binary options and would rather burn your trading account in a matter of weeks. There’s also no information on the tech company so verifying that it was a mistake could not be done.

Alexander Wilson ain’t find anywhere on social media, he has no real Facebook Account, a LinkedIn Profile, nothing to contact him but just a that doesn’t even respond to simple messages like asking for more results or how it works.

Summary of the Global Millionaires Club Scam

  • No real evidence that it works
  • Alexander Wilson is not a real trader but rather a lier for taking someone’s else photo
  • No Real endorsements from any authority website
  • Results are exceptionally low
  • It doesn’t work
  • It’s been blacklisted in many other blogs

Conclusion on the Global Millionaires Club Review

Global Millionaires Club is a SCAM!

We’ve ran into too many deceptive characteristics, most in which binary options scams use every day in order to deceive traders. Our final verdict on Alexander Wilson is that  Global Millionaires Club is a SCAM!! Please avoid anything that Alexander Wilson promotes because you will lose your money with it, we strongly advice you to go with reputable trading softwares like Virtnext, a proven trading software that has worked for many traders and is able to generate at least 82 percent!! You can check out our binary options signals list for more information. Please be careful and thank you for reading our scam review, Good Luck!!

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