Gold Trade MicroSystem Review! MY MONEY IS GONE!!

Gold Trade MicroSystem hires fake Actors!!

Another fraudulent binary options software has been released, This auto-trader is another one of those deceptive scams that will make you think that you’re forever free from working ever again. You are very wrong and we can guarantee you that if you invest in this auto-trader, you will lose every single penny of it. Professor Justin Hudson, the culprit behind website is very convincing but luckily, Patrol has sufficient evidence that will make you regret ever entering their shady looking site. In this Gold Trade MicroSystem review, we’re going to expose every manipulative tactic that Professor Justin Hudson used in order to deceive traders!

If you take a closer look at, you’ll witness that it’s a very scammy looking page where countless of stupid widgets are displayed. For example, that “1 Spot Left” window is just to lure you into joining them even faster, If a trader were to leave the website and comeback a week or a month later, you’ll see the same exact number displaying that it only has one copy left. This is extremely common in binary options scams now a days and it’s almost inevitable to see in this low performing softwares. The very sneaky Professor Justin Hudson made no mentions of how this trading software performs or how it functions. Even though gold is the safest asset to trade, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to trade, traders will still need to take a lot into consideration before placing a trade in such direction.

Who in the world is Garry Cousier, The Co-founder?!

According to the video introduction displayed on their home page, Garry Cousier is the developer that made the algorithm that is integrated on the Gold Trade MicroSystem Software. There was a review on this person that claimed he has created a mathematical formula that was capable to predict future price movement at a staggering accuracy. We of course found this a bit too dodgy since most profitable trading softwares use Chart Patterns and CandleStick formations to determine quality signals. But nevertheless, Our team made a background check on Garry Cousier and found no information about him. A brilliant trader like him must have some sort of social media platform where he interacts but none was ever found!!

This is not even the worst part about the scam, the very own Professor Justin Hudson is a FAKE ACTOR!! You heard correctly! This liar was paid to lie on camera for a few bucks, he’s a actor in which he sells gigs for as low as 5 dollars. Which indicates that everything he has claimed about this trading software is false, he never had any involvements or association to this trading software. The dangerous part is that the testimonials displayed on their review section are also fake!! Everything about their trading software seems to be fake, which are the one of the main indications that is a SCAM!! What’s frightening about it is that many traders in the binary options industry are falling for this garbage, we’ve received various emails claiming that it’s performing horribly! Titled “MY MONEY IS GONE”

Gold Trade MicroSystem Results and Performance

Since everything about this trading software is either purchased or edited to make it appear as a profitable system. is pretty sure that their trading performance is about 57 to 64 percent. Imagine this, if traders are losing their entire investment in less than 4 or 5 days, that would indicate that this binary options app is not generating anything more than 68%. Gold Trade MicroSystem Results are embarrassing, there are better scams that could do a better job than this system. This seriously doesn’t have anything valuable which is the main reason why is a scam.

Summary of the Gold Trade MicroSystem Review

  • Poor Trading Results that will wipe your accounts in less than 4 days, such performance is unacceptable to trade with the current complex markets.
  • Professor Justin Hudson is an actor, a joke, he  was a never a professor but a filthy liar who was paid a couple of dollars to be part of this horrific scam.
  • Testimonials on the scam site are also bought from an online marketplace, results by them were never true because they’re actors!
  • The scam artist that developed this trading software never designed this app to generate any profits, it’s a money-making scheme that will only be beneficial to Professor Justin Hudson and Garry Cousier.
  • Customer Support is not provided, what if you ever run into some technical issue that needs specialized assistance, who  are you going to contact if there is no customer support provided, typical scam!

Finally to the Gold Trade MicroSystem Review

Conclusion on the Gold Trade MicroSystem Review

Countess lies and maneuvers to scam you hard, many trading communities have reported awful results with this trading app. We were not surprised that it turned out to be such a low performing tool since many of the tactics used on their website screamed FRAUD!! When writing a review on a binary options service, we tend to look a the most basic and crucial parts of a signals provider. That is their developers credentials and how it works. Such details were answered in a very negative way, how irresponsible is to not address a contact email for traders? There are probably a hundred scams that could do a much better job in presenting a scam.

Trade With Tauribot

Garry Cousier did not enhance the trading results in any way since he’s an actor but to end this review, our final verdict is that this Trading App is a SCAM!!  Please avoid the Scam site at all cost, traders feedback are absolutely deficient and we’re confident that it will provide the same results if you decide to trade with it.

Conclusion on Tauribot Review

If by any chance you’re interested in trading with a profitable signals service that will not offer you fake results and stupid theories, you can trade with the Tauribot System, it’s recommended and trusted by many authority websites, you can read our full review on the Tauribot Page.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this scam, Good Luck!!

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