Golden Paradigm Scam Review

Golden Paradigm Review
Golden Paradigm Scam Review

Why are there so many scams lately!? The Golden Paradigm Software is another deceptive service which is stealing hundreds of trader’s hard-earned money. Nathan Weiss, the CEO of scam site says you’ll be able to generate more than 28,000 dollars in just 1 week. This is certainly not true and in this Golden Paradigm Review, Patrol is going to explain and show why you must avoid this trading software at all cost. Nathan Weiss is nothing more than a liar and recent feedback from traders have confirmed our theories that this auto trader is a fraudulent system, let’s begin this scam review!

First of all, you can clearly see that site doesn’t even bother to show their real faces or have at least a professional spokesman deliver the message. Who is Nathan Weiss? The supposed developer of the Golden Paradigm App could be anyone for all we know, this name has never ringed a bell in any binary options blog, community or social media platforms. This is of course a big red flag because this indicates us that this could be most likely a deceptive individual who wants to take your cash and leave you empty-handed. You cannot trust any person who promises you cars, mansions and the dream life you wish to have if he doesn’t give a solid explanation on how he’s going to do it! Nathan Weiss does not do such action!

Why you can’t trust the website!

Golden Paradigm Scam Software
Golden Paradigm Scam Review

The whole production seems very cheap, the algorithm behind this trading software is poorly explained. No real insight or clue was given on how this auto trader is going to generate close to thirty thousand dollars in just one week. The performance that they are claiming is also close to impossible because in binary options, you simply cannot win all the trades. the most successful and experienced traders only manage to obtain from 9 thousand to 15 thousand dollars a month but making more than that a WEEK is clearly absurd! believes that website says such things is to attract rookie beginners and take advantage of them since they don’t know how online trading really works.

Not to mention that official website has been launched for a weeks only and testimonials from real traders are stating that it’s wiping their trading account in just 5 days! Typical binary options software scam results, they guarantee millions of dollars but when it finally launches, it provides none of the so called “profitable” results. This is most likely due to the mechanism behind the Golden Paradigm System, legitimate trading systems uses proven methods like Chart Patterns, Technical Analysis and News techniques to make accurate predictions of the market. It is most unlikely that scam uses any of those strategies, which is probably the main reason why it’s performance is horrible!

Nathan Weiss and his Trading Results

Like we mentioned in the beginning of this software review, people from many online forums are complaining about it’s dreadful results and how they constantly lower their account balance each day. This of course lead us to contact their support team which is at, the email address which is provided in their official website shows that it’s not responding or rather avoiding the important questions. Patrol Team simply asked them if they could explain why the Golden Paradigm System was providing such low performance, to our expected surprise, no response was ever received! Review could have been positive, but as you can see, these features and characteristics that this auto trader integrates are not functions a transparent and profitable software owns. That’s why we have to keep this review negative and avoid any direct hopes in sharing an actual system that could make trader’s life a little bit more simpler! Nathan Weiss can still contact us if he ever wants to prove the transparency and reputation of his deceptive software, but for now, this system remains a fraud!

Short overview of the Golden Paradigm Review

  • scam has bad reputation and is blacklisted in many authority websites.
  • email address does not respond to any basic question which can lead to horrible results by oncoming traders.
  • Their auto trader has laughable trading results of 61 percent ITM which is by far from profitable and will leave your accounts at zero.
  • Nathan Weiss can’t be trusted, this supposed developer and trader is not recognized by anyone in the binary options industry.
  • Website uses Shutterstock pictures to insinuate that their beta testers has purchased mansions, cars and expensive items that they’ve never bought.
  • This system is a SCAM, period.

Final Say on the Golden Paradigm Review

Golden Paradigm Scam Review scam review System has shown every result most binary options frauds provide, bad trading signals, no real customer support and empty account balances. If there’s one thing guaranteed about system is that if you invest your cash with this auto trader, you will lose every single penny of it! That’s why would like to conclude this analysis and say that this auto trader is a SCAM!!

Please avoid this binary options system, if your are new and weak in your skills of profiting consistently,. You can try the Copy Buffett App which will help you increase your chances of nailing those ITM signals, it’s traders favorite and is 2016’s best performing software. Please read our full review for more information, trading can be simply and profitable but you will certainly not make a single dime if you use Nathan Weiss’s software, trade safely and we hope to see you again!

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