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Many of our visitors have asked us about whether GPS Trader is a scam or not, so that’s why we have done a very extensive investigation on to find out if they are truly legit or just a bogus service stealing your dollars! We’ve come to the sad reality that everything Richard Heffner has promised about his trading software is all lies and if there is something guaranteed by using such system is complete failure. That’s why reading our GPS Trader review is a must if you want to prevent your trading career to reach an end, this is incredibly deceitful and will not generate you the results you truly desire!

The most noticeable fact that every trader should notice is the owner itself, he says that he’s been a trader for many years but no evidence supports such history. No mentions of Richard Heffner been a binary options trader was ever recorded on any channel or blog in the industry. Incredibly suspicious since such a famous and wealthy trader is imminent to go unrecognized in such an active trading society. Therefore determining how credibly is impossible due to the fact that the developer is a stranger we have no idea about, there’s no track record of him launching any previous systems or his success in online trading, for all we know he could be an actor saying lies GPS Trader about which is the most likely scenario since most binary options scams use this sort of technique.

GPS Trader using deceptive branding strategies

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Richard Heffner scam review

So beside the laughable fact that the very own face of this scam is not trustworthy, newly discovered tactics were found on their home page. Our through analysis on their whole website structure gave us an interesting clue that this trading software is not performing anything like their video promised to be, how we know such details is fairly simple. Scrolling down their second page, a series of Facebook testimonials can be seen showing that beta testers and users of the GPS Trader software are having humongous success with the auto trader, but what you don’t know is that such individuals have never made a single nickel with Richard’s system. Gilbert Roger has never seen or heard of the like it shows on the picture above. In reality, this person is just some random person whose profile picture was copied from the internet to use a self written review by the marketing team of this service.

Not only is that a faul and shady technique to attract new visitors but it’s something that is typically found on money-making schemes since they don’t function anywhere closed to the promised outcomes. Because think about it logically, if the GPS Trader really worked, why on earth would they need fake results if the trading software is generating good results. The most likely scenario would be traders recommending the system to other traders and eventually making such auto trader very popular among-st people. Since this scam is nothing but a gimmick to leave victims without profits, purchased and self-made reviews are need it. All of this could of course been anticipated if the audience knew more about how binary options really work, Richard Heffner clearly states and repeats that GPS Trader makes no losses at all when it’s been used by the trader, which would imply that it’s ITM Performance is 100 percent which is completely impossible and insane, no software or system in the world can pull off such performance because if it were true, everybody would be trading binary options but that’s just not the case here.

Synopsis of the scam
  • Horrible performance, software manages to make 56 to 62 in the money signals which will not earn you 20,000 dollars a day.
  • CEO/Spokesman of this system is not reliable and uses sales methods to scam you hard!
  • A negative review can be found in any reliable or trusted channel and website.

The real truth about

Like we were saying in the beginning of this scam review, no auto trader out there can achieve such trading results in the long run. The markets are way too complicated and are changing patterns by the second, anything from a catastrophe to a simple storm can widely change the outcomes of a commodity, news and speculations also have a big effect on the markets. All of these information can influence how your trades might expire and not even GPS Trader can predict such results with a 100% accuracy. Which can pretty much tell us how much Richard Heffner knows about trading, this is not rocket science and any intermediate to establish trader can know the real truth about investing. most likely has integrated a very poor algorithm since it’s team of developers don’t know a thing or two about binary options, that’s why this software provide such dreadful results!

Verdict on the GPS Trader Review

GPS Trader
Review Scam

Everything that’s been implied by the owner of this scammy software proves to be invalid and false, right now there is an abundance of signals services you can be a par off. There’s no logical reason to go with a system that proves to be deceitful and low in terms of performance because this is indeed a formula to an empty broker account. Victims and users are complaining that it’s actually decreasing profits instead of increasing it. That is why our final thoughts on this scam review is that GPS Trader can’t be trusted!

You might be interested in a software that actually accomplishes what they promised, so please have a look our Trusted Signals Page or you can try out a very successful app that just came out the market. It’s name is the Neo2 App, uses the most modern and up to date technology in signals recognition and has a team of developers that is constantly updating the software to optimize consistency, trader’s are calling it the most simple to use tool for any trader, please check that out because it’s indeed a unique tool you can take advantage off! But in the mean time, thank you for reading our GPS Trader Review!

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