Grand Prix Cash Scam Review

Grand Prix Cash Review
Scam Review

In this scam review, we will be talking about the Grand Prix Cash System. Bill Evans, the supposed spokesman and owner of this trading system guarantees that anyone who uses his trading software will make no less than 100,000 dollars in 1 month. This is of course is a big lie and we are positive that no trader out there has really profit with the scam. In binary options, constant services and auto traders are released, the sad part about this is that 90 percent of those products are either scams or simply low performing. Please read our Grand Prix Cash Scam Review to raise awareness, let’s begin!

The first thing you would notice is that the site looks nothing like any binary options system out there. The background is full of cars and Bill Evans seems to be in front of a green screen, it’s pretty much a light green carpet used to easily edit videos so animation can be done. It looks like the Grand Prix Cash Scam wants you to believe he’s actually in a car garage?! The theory behind this system also makes no sense at all, how does a car engineer have the abilities to modify a complex and very expensive software when he has no experienced in trading profitably, he said it himself! Bill Evans gets mixed results when he trades, therefore he should have less of a chance in creating a sophisticated software!

Why you can’t trust the  Grand Prix Cash Scam!!

Grand Prix Cash Scam Scam Review

Recent discoveries showed that the scam site is using paid actors to lie on camera!! You heard correctly! This manipulative system is using paid reviews from online marketplaces to insinuate credibility and authority, every single testimonial you saw on the website is fake!! It is not real therefore it makes this software a very manipulative system, why would such multi million dollar service lie about their trading results and performance? Because it doesn’t work and it’s a scam intended to steal your money rather than generating it for you. Such practice can only be found in common binary options scams since legitimate auto traders don’t have the need for such actions, traders do their part of helping by recommending it to their friends and colleges.

In short words, this Bill Evans has never used the software nor develop it. He’s a very famous actor on Fiverr who has participated in multiple money-making schemes by playing different roles! You really can’t go any more fraudulent than that, revealing that the owner of the system is an actor pretty much states that it’s manipulative and deceptive. The most interesting fact about this so called Grand Prix Cash Scam is it functions based on stupid and illogical algorithms! Bill Evans says that this System works based on car related functionalities and base structures which has absolutely nothing to do with trading binary options successfully!

In depth look at the results and performance of the Scam

According to Bill Evans or whatever his name is, this system is supposed to generate close to 1,000 dollars a day. The supposed algorithms that are integrated in the software should generate high efficient trades which it will only confirm trading signals that has an absolute chance on ending profitable! According to recent feedback from traders, this App is providing results of fifty-five to sixty-two percent ITM which is not profitable in any way, these kind of results will be the death of your capital and will burn it in a blink of an eye! Such performance can be expected since the mechanism behind the makes no sense and is not based on any real trading technique.

Short Analysis of the Review

  • Trading results and performance is at an absolute low which is causing traders to lose their entire investment.
  • Their customer service is inactive which makes no reason to show the email if no support is going to be provided.
  • Fake review by Bill Evans can be purchased on dodgy marketplaces which shows that this software is willing to take any action to get a hold of your hard-earned money.
  • Bill Evans is an dirty and deceptive actor, plain and simple.
  • Results are terrible due to it’s inconsistent and undeveloped algorithm.
  • This Review could have been positive if it weren’t for it’s bad reputation and unbelievable poor performance.

Final Statement on this System Review

Grand Prix Cash System Scam Review
Grand Prix Cash Scam Review

The final conclusion on this software review is that is a Scam!! Please avoid this deceptive auto trader because if there’s one thing guaranteed with this software is failure. has come by many systems like this and sadly, this does not provide any unique value and you’re probably better off with a more reputable and well established service. This is not something you should be wasting your time with because is exactly trader’s nightmare.

We can mention you 10 better frauds that do a better job than, if your are really interested and devoted in trading successfully. You can have a look at the Copy Buffett Software, the best performing auto trader of 2016 and is heavily recommended by traders due to it’s simplicity and high-efficiency to provide in the money trades. Visitors are also welcome to visit our Binary Options Signals List for alternative options so please feel free to check that out!

Thank you for reading our Grand Prix Cash Scam review.

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