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A very dangerous scam has come to our attention ladies and gentleman, the very elaborate GreenWood Formula is not what you think it is. We have reasons to believe that Jake, the owner of is not been entirely truthful about his so-called “once in a lifetime opportunity” system. Recent discoveries on this auto trader has led to the conclusion that it doesn’t work and in this GreenWood Formula review, patrol is going to explain and demonstrate why every trader in the binary options industry should avoid it.

The first thing you should ask yourself is why should you take for granted anything that Jake promises or offers to you? You have never seen or heard off him before, therefore you should take precautions on any actions you take towards this system because it’s most likely going to cost you a lot of dollars. did further investigation on this individual and we were surprised to find no hits on search engines or social media. A person like Jake is bound to get some sort of attraction on the internet but from what we gather on pure solid search analysis is that he’s a ghost, to be more accurate he is a made up character who is most likely a very well paid actor. The actor behind has collaborated in previous binary options scams and is blacklisted in countless of blogs out there for been a deceitful and manipulative spokesman.

Why every trader out there needs to avoid the  GreenWood Formula Scam!

Jake from
Greenwood Formula Scam Review

But wait, more surprises were found on their home page, a very nice looking section of testimonials were found on the sales page. Mainly positive and thankful words were found there and it was pretty surprising what the beta testers or members were able to achieve with the GreeWood Formula but here’s the surprise, all of those testimonials are fake! You heard correctly, every single review by those traders are just made up and copied from other sites to manipulate visitors into thinking that this system works! Please do a simple google search on those profile pictures and you’ll see that there are hundreds of different page results that show the same exact picture which indicates that anybody could be that person therefore the review done by such person is invalid.

And more shady tactics are available on the GreeWood Formula system, if you pay close attention to the introduction video, there’s a short video clip showing what the auto trader has generated them in terms of profits. Funny thing is that a date is clearly visible on the top left corner showing that it’s May 14, 2015. Meaning that this trading software has been up and running from a year ago right? Well, if you look at you will see that the domain was actually register this year and not on 2015. That clearly shows that they are using fake screenshots to deceive us into thinking that all those payments has been made from the results of using the GreeWood Formula scam. Every unwanted quality is found on this trading system, can you not see that everything they show or tell is either purchased or a lie?

Performance and Trading Results

This scam shows you nothing but lies and stolen results of other auto traders but if it really works, who cares right? That’s the sad part about this trading software, not even an average performance can be achieve with the GreenWood Formula. We’ve come by comments and emails that say that this app is actually generating from 59 to 65 percent ITM which in no way will make you a millionaire or profits in the long run, this in fact will drive your capital to a zero if you continue to trade with such trading results. This outcome can be predicted if you paid more attention to the small hints of failure this system gives you through out the entire sales video. Not once does Jake mention on the site the algorithms that power such “excellent” system, he just consistently repeats things that every person out there would like to hear, such things like “imaging what you could do with this…” “the life you deserve!” and all those stupid sales techniques to make you drool over his bogus scam.

GreenWood Formula Scam and it’s highlights!

  • Fake images from other websites are found on
  • The owner is an unknown individual that tries to makes himself appears as a wealthy millionaire with mansions and luxuries cars when he is just a very well paid actor who has been involved in previous money-making schemes.
  • This auto trader fails to mention how it’s going to generate such consistent results.
  • Not one shred of evidence was found in terms of real testimonials, only negative reviews throughout the internet.

Verdict on the GreenWood Formula Software

BinaDroid Scam Review

Everything that was found related to GreenWood Formula was disappointment, if you ever thought that this was unique in any sort of way please don’t because there are 60 and even 80 scams out there that have the same structure, a convincing actor but no real evidence or information that proves the system’s credibility. That is why we come reached a conclusion on this scam review and have decide to stamp GreenWood Formula as a bogus system!

Conclusion: Greenwood Formula is a SCAM

If you are looking for a tool that really works and has a good performance, you can try out Binadroid. This trading app uses the most modern and up to date algorithms in the market, traders love it since the user platform is simple and consistency always manages to stay above 88% ITM. Our own staff of traders use it and you can find excellent reviews also endorsing the software’s performance. Thank you for reading our GreenWood Formula Review and please contact us for further information.

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